Kumkum Bhagya 10th May 2023 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya

As Khushi tells Ranbir, she took a rod and broke the wire, then jumped out of the window, as the warden had locked her in the dark room. Ranbir asks if she is hurt and asks her to show him. Pallavi said Shiv is her Papa, while Dida is her Badi Dadi. Khushi hugs Ranbir and says whenever I used to cry, I used to talk to the moon and ask why I didn’t have a papa.

In response, she says that she didn’t know God loves her a lot and that’s why he gave her such a good papa, and that you are my papa. Ranbir says I am your papa and hugs her. Dida gets excited when she sees Khushi and takes Khushi with her. A few minutes later, Prachi and Akshay arrive at the Childcare orphanage. Akshay says nobody is here. Prachi says let’s go inside. He asks if you know where Khushi’s room is. Prachi says we’ll figure it out. They go inside. Akshay says don’t say you don’t know how to get there.

As Prachi recalls, Akshay thinks she doesn’t have any relationship with Khushi. He also thinks she loves her very much. Prachi comes inside. The lady asks Prachi who she is. She insists on meeting Khushi and tells the lady that she is here to meet her. The warden tries to scare Khushi to prevent her from telling Prachi she has locked her in the room. The lady says this is right, my rule works, so she asks the warden to bring Khushi.

The lady tells Prachi that she can see love in her eyes for her, like a real mother, and says Khushi is very lucky. Khushi is found missing in the darkroom by the warden. If anyone discovers that she locked her in here, she believes she will be scolded, as this is forbidden. Rhea hugs Khushi and says I have a connection to you due to your Mamma. Vikram asks how you brought her here and how you did this miracle. Khushi says you are my Dadu, and I am your son’s daughter.

It seems that Vikram got a new life, and doesn’t know what to do. Khushi wipes his tears, saying that no one will cry, as I came to bring happiness to everyone here. Vikram apologizes. Ranbir asks Pallavi and Dida who told Khushi that she is my daughter. Pallavi and Dida say we have told her. Khushi asks him to hug her and smile. Dida says your Dadu told you to look like Ranbir.

Ranbir says if she hadn’t known she is my daughter, she wouldn’t have come here running from the orphanage. Pallavi gives her milk. Ranbir says I will do something important for her. As Prachi and Akshay wait for Khushi, she gets restless. Akshay asks her to relax. Prachi says she will feel at peace when she sees Khushi. She doesn’t know when she will come. Akshay asks her not to cry. Dadi, Shahana and I will be sad to see you cry.

I am nothing in your life, but I can’t see you crying. He says she returned. Prachi asks where is Khushi? The warden says Khushi isn’t in her room, she went somewhere and says she’s missing. In response to the lady’s question, she is asked to check in the bathroom and where she will go from there. The warden says she had locked her in the dark room, as she was shouting and troubling her. Prachi asks how can you do this, and says Khushi might have escaped there, or she might be hiding there. She says we’ll check. She asks them to accompany her.

He calls the lawyer who is sleeping and asks if they can get a stay order on the adoption of the orphanage kids if they get a stay order in Khushi’s name. When the lawyer asks him what he wants to do, he tells him to apologize to Meera and make her feel guilty for her actions. He asks him to make her believe that he can’t behave badly with anyone.

He asks if you called for this or something else. Ranbir says no, and ends the call. Akshay and Prachi look for Khushi. Prachi inquires with the kids, but no one knows about her. Akshay asks if you asked the kids. Prachi says they didn’t know. Pallavi tells Ranbir the orphanage people are coming.

Pallavi says no and asks him to take her to the farmhouse or away from here. Ranbir says he will prove that I am her father. Khushi hears this and says they will not believe her. Ranbir tells Khushi they are heading to a new city before morning. Khushi hugs him. Prachi comes to the PS and tells Inspector that Khushi has been kidnapped by someone. Inspector asks are you sure? Prachi says yes, I am certain.

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