Kumkum Bhagya 9th March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya for 9th May 2023 written episode update on Worldofentertainment.in

She says she will twist her finger to bring Khushi/Panchi back home in the morning. She gets Akshay’s call and goes, asking Prachi to rest. She comes to the window. She says now I understand what Shahana said…Ranbir comes there. Prachi gets emotional and cries. Ranbir says everything will be fine. Prachi tells him she has hidden something from him. I know, and you are her mother, and I am her father. I promise not to take Panchi away from you. Prachi asks really and hugs him.

In his room, Ranbir recalls telling Prachi that he wanted to be a father. He recalls holding Panchi in their hands, and then seeing Khushi. Ranbir also imagines Prachi walking into his room and saying you are here. Prachi asks why did you hide from me if you were her father. Ranbir says I was about to tell you, but I couldn’t when I saw you. She said you couldn’t comprehend whether to tell a mother or not and asked him not to act innocent. Prachi said she had kept her in my womb for nine months and gave birth to her.

She reminds him of his words that she is his everything. Ranbir recalls that she promised not to leave him, but left him. Prachi says you forced me to leave. Ranbir says no, you can’t blame me and that both of us are responsible for fulfilling the relationship. Prachi asks why I need you, you weren’t with me.

Seeing that you are angry, Ranbir asks her not to say anything, and says I should not be forced to say something that would make you hate me. Prachi says I will give you a fitting reply, and that you have taken my rights and given them to another person, and I remain silent.

She says now that you tried to steal my identity of a mother, and that I am not that old (vulnerable) Prachi. She leaves. Ranbir says you can’t take Prachi away from me. He goes outside, collides with Pallavi, and asks her to stop Prachi. Pallavi says it is your fear and nothing else. Ranbir tells Pallavi about his imaginary conversation with Prachi. Khushi looks out the window and sees the worker scolding the kids. She leaves.

If I ask you not to cry, then you will stop crying and sleep, Dadi says to Prachi. She asks if you can do what I tell you to do, to bring Khushi here. She says I say that unnecessarily and asks her to have sleeping pills so that they can think about bringing Khushi home. She asks her to lie down and sleep. Ranbir says I wanted to record every moment with Khushi, but now I will live every moment with my daughter. No matter what happens to us, I will always keep Khushi with me.

The whistle sounds and he gets up and comes out of his room asking who is in my house. He thinks he was emotional and didn’t ask Khushi why she was emotional. Khushi comes out and asks why Police, I was about to be taken to your home. Ranbir hugs her and they cry together.

He says I spoke to Shahana, and she said you were unwell and had fainted in the afternoon. Prachi comes out of her house. Akshay comes there in his car. Prachi says she has to leave now. Akshay says I will come with you and won’t let you drive. Prachi asks Akshay to let her go. They leave in the car.

A warden madam punished Khushi and locked her in a dark room. Khushi tells Ranbir what happened. Ranbir asks her, “How dare you?” He asks if she got scared. She says yes and tells him she fled from there from the window. What do you mean, Ranbir?

Prachi arrives at the orphanage and finds Khushi missing. The warden says Khushi was locked in the dark room. Prachi cries in shock. Khushi tells Ranbir that God has blessed her with the best papa ever, and calls him Papa.

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