Faltu 19th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu is informed by the Chawl guys about Ayaan. She says Ayaan will be ready to meet me. He says to leave from there, you need to get admission into the academy. She says she doesn’t want to stay here, she was waiting to talk to him, but he left for the office. He asks why, you have proof, and she says.

It is not right for me to defame Ayaan, I should prove my talent by playing matches with Rajan, I will show this to Ayaan once I talk to him and settle the scores. He says don’t let anybody come inside. He says I’ll publicize your game and career by writing an article under a false name, I’ll help you. He says you can trust me, I won’t leave you alone.

When she gets a call from Jamuna, she asks how you are all doing. Jamuna says that everything is fine here, we got the money as well, and your dad is very happy to see your cricket video. The man says someone sent you this box. Lajwanti says everyone has seen your video, and Angoori was jealous. Faltu gets emotional while talking to them. Ayaan makes a fake social media page.

Tanu calls Ayaan. She calls his office and asks for him. A man tells her he is in his cabin. She says I need to find out what he is doing. Faltu’s video is posted online by Ayaan. He says I will make your story a sensation, everyone will know you, whatever happened to you was wrong.

Kanika and Janardhan ask Tanu if everything is okay. She says yes. She leaves. Faltu thinks something must have happened. Tanu comes to the office and asks why you are not taking my calls. Ayaan says he was busy at work. She asks what you were doing. He drops the water on the laptop. He says it had imp documents. She apologizes. He says he will give the laptop to the IT department.

He leaves with her. Everyone is leaving for the farmhouse. Kinshuk teases Faltu. She says I should talk to them, I don’t want to go there. Kinshuk says no one came out of their rooms yet.

He asks where everyone is, and Kanika would be on the way. Ayaan and Tanisha come downstairs. Tanisha says Kanika left already. Ayaan says Mum won’t be coming, we won’t like it without her. Ajanardhan says her best friend is ill. Tanisha says she wanted to cancel the trip, but she asked us to go anyway, and she will join us soon. Faltu says I will be leaving this job.

Dadi asks what happened. She says I have imp work, find another cook. Kumkum says you felt bad about Janardhan’s words, but that’s okay, he’s older. Tanu says no, don’t feel bad. Janardhan says you just joined and took an advance salary, everyone got you on their heads here. He scolds her. Dadi says everyone loves you and your food, do you really want to leave?

I’ll solve your problem, you can trust me. Faltu says no, it’s my personal matter, just let me go, I’ll pay the advance right away. Rocky is scolded by Sumitra for doing this drama for money. Dadi and Kumkum explain to Rocky to go to the farmhouse with them. Janardhan says don’t beg. We will make some arrangements or order food from the hotel.

Ayaan says no, he is so worried. He asks Rocky to go with them. Faltu thinks I can’t break their hearts because of Ayaan. Everyone asks Rocky to come. ‘Faltu’ says fine, I’ll come, but I have a condition, find a good cook soon, then I’ll leave the job. Dadi says fine. Janardhan says we’re late, come on.

The next day, Ayaan holds Rocky. Faltu makes him go. Ayaan asks what happened. She says nothing, I’m late already, come. Ayaan says you had a fight with your GF, you weren’t like that. She taunts him and leaves.

Faltu cooks the food at the farmhouse. She says I must talk to Ayaan somehow. Tanu says I will prepare breakfast for Ayaan. She wants to surprise him. Tanu gets burnt. She screams. Sid cares for her hand. Kanika and Janardhan watch. Sumitra worries. Ayaan says Faltu’s match will take place in two days.

Tanu’s hand is burned. Sid scolds her. Everyone finds it odd. Sumitra says they’re good friends. She tells him to calm down and his friend will be fine. He worries and asks Kinshuk for the first aid box. Dadi asks why the first aid box was needed. Faltu looks on. Janardhan scolds her. Tanu says it’s not Rocky’s fault, I made breakfast for Ayaan. Ayaan says we will apply the ointment to Tanu’s burn. He does so. Faltu thinks this family looks good together, I was wrong to dream about them.

Tanu says visiting a doctor is not necessary. Ayaan asks if you’re feeling better. Tanu says yes, but I’m sorry you couldn’t have breakfast because of me. Ayaan thanks Faltu. She asks Tanu to continue her plan with Ayaan. She says I’ll handle the kitchen. Ayaan leaves. Where has Rocky gone? He calls out Rocky. Faltu calls him. He asks where are you? Stop hiding, tell me where you are.

He says he has to meet you one last time. He asks why, just meet me once, I will come right away. He asks where she is. She says meet me behind the farmhouse, I’ll wait for you. Ayaan is shocked.


Ayaan promises Faltu that his innocence will answer her. Faltu confronts him for ruining her life and dreams.

She says we’ll meet when you have the proof. He says only the proof will meet you, not me. She cries.

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