Faltu 3rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

At the start of the episode, Bua and Ayaan’s family stand up for Faltu, vowing he ain’t going anywhere. Meanwhile, Sid is waiting for his decisive moment. Suddenly, a man delivers a package from an airline company to Janardhan. Janardhan dismisses it as nothing too big, but Sid knows it contains the travel history which can prove Ayaan travelled to Mumbai alone. Harsh is slightly confused about why airlines sent this information and Suhana explains that they usually send out this kind of history every month. Govind then looks at the documents they have received.

Sid thinks they’ll all lose if they don’t act quickly, and Janardhan encourages Govind to speak. Tanisha then impatiently declares that Ayaan has indeed come with Faltu, as Sumitra utters an astonished “amazing”. Sid insists that Faltu be taken away so he can have Tanisha. But Tanisha can’t bear this, and Kanika rebukes Ayaan for his silence indicating his complicity in the act. Faltu offers to return to the village with them and Ratan as she breaks down in tears; Ayaan however prevents her from leaving.

In addition to splashing dirt on me, Janardhan says you want to keep it with you. He scolds Ayaan. He asks them to take Faltu. Suhana says she shouldn’t go, Pappi uncle is bad. Janardhan shouts. Harsh asks her to remain quiet. Ayaan says Govind is shocked to see Faltu and my name on the list, so I’ll explain. Sumitra asks what is there to say, this means Ayaan made Faltu run away. Janardhan says he can’t cheat me and break his pride, so tell me it’s a lie.

He says I’m shocked, you cheated Janardhan, my inspiration, you ended this, I felt you were hiding something, you were hiding this girl, Bua has helped him, Ayaan, you didn’t think about our name or Janardhan’s respect. According to Ayaan, the flight has 300 passengers, so he asks Govind to see what his seat number is and says. He scolds Pappi and tells him to stop talking. Govind says the seat numbers are different.

Ayaan brought Faltu with an economy ticket due to the non-availability of other tickets. Sid reprimanded Ayaan and asked him to accept his mistake and apologize, promising that he would apologize from his side if Ayaan didn’t; which he did. Ratan declared that Ayaans reputation has been ruined as a result of this. Despite this, Ayaan insisted that it was purely a coincidence. Pappi then called out his behaviour as foolishness, but Ayaan refused to let Faltu accompany Pappi alone and declared him an animal. Faltu looked on.

I’ll kill you today, says  Pappi. Janardhan exclaims. Pappi is urged to calm down by Ratan. Tanisha claims you claimed Faltu was the reason you were late. Answer us, Janardhan commands, Ayaan. Ayaan regrets lying, but in order to protect Faltu from harm, the truth shouldn’t be revealed. He dials the person. The man claims that you discussed your work with Tahsildar that day. Thank you, Ayaan. As he asks if you have any other questions, you could be wondering how Faltu had the resources to flee. Faltu claims that my dad donated the cash. Call her father and inquire, advises Ayaan. Call him, says Janardhan. Ratan says we’ll take care of it and bring Faltu along.

Dadi declares that Faltu’s marriage is happening against her will, and nobody supports this. Ratan asserts that since Faltu is his niece, they should take her. Ayaan vehemently protests, yet Savita insists that she is their guest. Bua concurs with Ayaan, believing he was merely trying to help Faltu if he had encouraged her to elope. Everyone echoes the same opinion – Faltu is being treated unjustly. Dadi then identifies the daughter as Laxmi, and thus requires them to stay in the house until Ayaan and Tanisha’s wedding takes place. Bua points out that Faltu put herself in harm’s way to protect Maa; Harsh concurs, suggesting they allow her to remain until after the nuptials.

Tanisha said it was the mehendi day today and Ayaan apologized. She inquired if it was merely a coincidence, insisting she expected the truth from him; he had no choice but to lie. She expressed trust as they all laughed and Ayaan again expressed his regret, adding that Indian weddings were incomplete without any drama and joking. Tanisha took his hand, Faltu looked on, and she requested him to sit properly before telling Faltu not to think she was there.

The precap:

Tanisha and Ayaan are getting married. Faltu looks on sadly.

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