Faltu 6th August 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 6th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

Neil tells Faltu that these people will train her. He praises her in front of them. She thinks he fights with me at home, but he keeps respect in front of others. Faltu gets ready. Tanu says my drama didn’t affect Ayaan.

Ayaan knocks on the door and calls her out. They engage in an argument. She urges him not to concern himself with Sid. He agrees, saying, “Fine, as you wish.” She then takes out Faltu’s picture and smiles. Opening the door, she says, “If you think I’m mistaken, take a look at these pictures.” It turns out that Faltu joined the Bharadwaj group and became a model, indicating that she never intended to prove Faltu wrong.

On the road, Faltu cries as she recalls Ayaan’s words. She says my courage isn’t weak, I will not stop, I will make my name shine. Neil asks Faltu where she went. She returns home. He says you look so good in these clothes. She says you’re praising me, the world is coming to an end today. He says very funny.

I am a cricket player, so I jog to keep in shape. She watches cricket videos. He says you like cricket a lot, you told me Ayaan stole your cricket dream, he should not have done it, you’ll become a model and then you’ll achieve your cricket dream. They argue over the remote control.

Dada ji invites Janardhan and his family to the party. Janardhan says we will certainly come, I was going to call you, congrats, you have done amazing marketing. Dada ji expresses his gratitude and says he hopes their business association goes well. He sees Faltu and asks if you have been running. She says let another model do it, Ayaan and his family will visit, if they see me modelling, what will they say? I find that not right. Show them your value, and they will regret it.

It worries dada ji when he sees Neil falling for Faltu, who loves Ayaan. What will happen to Neil? Ayaan says he wants to give her a chance, Faltu Singh is the best player in the city. Tanu hears him, and says he won’t change. As I mentioned earlier, Faltu is getting ready to become a model. He asks what’s wrong with you, I did wrong with her. What problem do you have, who gave you the right to interfere in my life?

She says you are my best friend. He says I did something wrong with her, don’t interfere in my married life, I trust her, just stay out of it. He leaves. He calls someone and says I want every detail about Faltu, you shouldn’t let anyone know you’re on my side. She says Ayaan’s hopes will be dashed. Faltu and Neil are on their way.

He tells her not to worry, she doesn’t look good under stress. When they reach the party, reporters ask Faltu if she left Ayaan and if she is with Neil now. Neil says she isn’t ready, she’ll answer later. Ayaan claps. He says, wow, what a chemistry. You didn’t come to me because you got Neil, I apologized to you, but you didn’t forgive me.

Ayaan asks Faltu what nonsense, you said you changed, is this your change? He says you didn’t forgive me, you aren’t my Faltu. He blames her. Neil says enough, Faltu says enough, no more. Ayaan asks Neil what magic you did on her to make her trust you. Ayaan and Neil start fighting. Neil asks her to come. She says you will never change, Ayaan will always be suspicious, your heart is bad. Neil is asked to come.

Ayaan raises his hand on her and cries. Faltu’s dream ends. Neil and Faltu arrive at the party. She cries. She asks Neil if you’re alright if you’re thinking about anything. She says sorry, I can’t walk on the ramp, because Ayaan and his family will gossip about me. He says fine, sing a song with me, I promise it’ll work.

Ayaan sings while Tanu watches and records a video. Ayaan predicts that he will divorce her and move forward, asking if she intends to remain stuck. He shares his own struggle of being trapped in the past but trying to break free. Tanu smiles and responds with uncertainty, saying, “I don’t know.”


The divorce papers are signed by Ayaan. Neil asks her to start a new relationship with him. He says, “I love you Faltu.”.


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