Faltu 31st December 2022 written episode update

Faltu Episode Update

Janardhan asks Ayaan if he is fine, then says guests are coming to see him. Dadi is asked to come with him, and Harsh is asked to take care of him. Dadi says all will be fine. Bua says I’ll stay with Ayaan. Bua asks Ayaan for food. She asks him to express his feelings.

Ayaan admits that something is troubling him. He recalls a moment when his father struck his head, and he ended up in Faltu’s embrace. Ayaan remembers seeing sindoor in Faltu’s maang before he fainted. Bua questions him if he permitted Pappi and her nuptials, to which Ayaan responds that he can’t recall the details properly. She then corrected him, after all, only the husband can fill a woman’s maang with sindoor. This made Ayaan uncertainty even direr, was it really him who filled Faltu’s maang? Despite his questioning mind going haywire, Bua calmed him down and told him to not worry about it until he finds her and make sure nothing wrong happens.

The man smiled at Faltu, who pleaded to be taken to a hospital as she had lost her eyesight and asked that her dad be told the place’s name. He suspected she was lying, only for her to swear she wasn’t. When the man suggested that she might’ve fled marriage, she denied it quickly, urgently begging for help. Not convinced, he said they would take her to the police station instead where she could call her father from. The man agreed and said they would take her there.

He holds her and says he will take her. She refuses. He asks where your husband is, you look newly married. She recalls the sindoor.

Don’t worry, he will come back, he says after knowing her blindness. Please take me to the police station, she says. Ayesha says Ayaan will join you now. Tanisha nods. She sees Kanika. She says we should help Faltu, it will relieve Ayaan’s stress. Kanika says you are justifying him, she says.

Tanisha says no, I am trying to understand him, just think of Faltu’s parents, think of the mart, we are helping her and also our business, Ayaan and I have faith, that’s enough for me. Kanika says I know you trust him, I told this because I care for you, I want your relationship to grow strong, if you stay satisfied with him, I won’t have any complaints.

Faltu is taken to the police station by the truck drivers. Inspector asks Faltu what her problem is. Faltu replies, I’m Faltu. They laugh. She says I’ll tell you everything, call my dad first. The man says I think she’s trying to mislead. Inspector madam says we’ll get the job done, just go.

Constable says it is also off. Faltu asks them to call her dad or brother. Inspector asks her to say another number, is there any trustworthy man? She says no, I lost my sight, trust me. Inspector asks her to leave. She thinks I can’t bother Ayaan. Inspector orders her to leave.

She receives a call from her senior who orders her to locate Faltu Singh and make it a priority, as it is the Mittal case. The inspector informs her that Faltu is already in their custody, so she asks the person to sit and adds that they didn’t tell them they were associated with the Mittals. Ayaan’s business was growing, a car was soon to pick them up. Faltu panicked and thought he must leave before Ayaan finds out about his blindness. His grandmother knows they need to go now. Tanisha mentions that Faltu has been found and will return home soon, making Ayaan ecstatic as he thanked her for that. She then suggests for him to eat something as he hadn’t had anything yet.

He says I agree, if dad and Kanika say something to Faltu, then… She says relax, I will say that I called her. He smiles and hugs her. He thanks her. She asks him to come. He removes the bandage and says I’m fine now. During our first dinner after marriage, Faltu thinks about leaving. You don’t have to worry about me. I will go. You don’t see, what will we say to the Mittals if you fall.

As Faltu says, “just explain it to me, I’ll go.” The Constable guides her. She gets hurt. She thinks about leaving some way. She leaves. The Constable searches for her. She asks where the girl is. Ayaan says I just went there, and you called me. Faltu says sorry, I can’t see you in trouble.

The precap:

Ayaan sees Faltu with sindoor and asks why did you marry Pappi. He scolds her and says I hate you. Faltu says she wish she could tell him how helpless she is.

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