Anupama 11th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 11th April 2023, Written Episode Update on

He tells the family that Dimpy just wants the academy to be successful. Pakhi says he wants the best for Dimpy. She wants to change the academy’s name today, and tomorrow she wants to transfer the entire academy to her name. Samar says that’s too much. He asks his girlfriend if she’s insulting his mother.

Dimple says she is talking as if she respects her mother a lot; if she and Samar are handling the academy, he wants it to be handled completely without any interference. Then Toshu asks Samar what she means, Samar can make his own decisions, but he asks Samar not to become like him and Pakhi and behave like the son he was. Samar says it’s not about Dimpy versus Mummy. Pakhi asks then what this is about. Dimple says the academy won’t work if 2 people work hard and others comment on their work.

During a chat about Anupama’s mantra, Anuj made a hashtag MaAn; nobody, especially Vanraj, thought Anuj would leave Anupama; their love died within a year; Anuj’s love broke Anupama more than my betrayal; nobody expected him to be like him, especially Anupama.

Anuj asks him to stop and says he doesn’t feel it’s necessary to explain what’s going on between him and Anupama. Vanraj says he didn’t ask for an explanation and is saying what he saw. If anything is crucial, Anuj asks him to speak. Vanraj says Anuj must have thought helpless woman Anupama would die crying for her husband, but she is neither helpless nor upset nor alone.

Good, Anuj says, he wants the same. Vanraj says it doesn’t matter, Anuj is repeating my error, but I won’t repeat my error and I will take Anu back to Shah house; they had a 26-year-old one-sided love and a 26-year-old husband-wife relationship, so there must have been something that kept them together even after divorce. Regardless if Anuj repents for his mistake or feels guilty, he warns him not to return as Anupama has controlled herself with great difficulty and is living a happy life with him and his family.

Anuj says that won’t happen as he knows his Anu better and knows even she must yearn for him just like he is yearning for her, and even though they are not together, they are both in pain and crying. When Vanraj shows Anupama dancing with her children, Anuj becomes upset and drops his sari.

It cannot be like this for Anuj, Vanraj says. He says Anuj is so happy with his family and children, and they helped Anupama recover from her trauma. Now Anuj needs a friend instead of a husband, and he will be that friend. It is his belief that Anuj should not return to her since she is still recovering from her trauma.

Anuj strides off, reminiscing Vanraj’s statement. Seeing the two conversing, Maaya advises him not to consider what Vanraj said as it’s difficult for Anupama to let go so quickly. She expresses her astonishment that this has happened and suggests he should not jump to conclusions before understanding the whole story; she is genuinely attempting to help. Nevertheless, Anuj throws out an order for her to leave him alone. Maya departs with a smirk on her face while Anuj goes on mulling over Vanraj’s words and gets angrier by the second.

As Anupama offers water to Dimple, she says it’s true that she couldn’t devote time to this academy, but Samar and Dimpy have handled it. Samar tries to intervene. She says, “Let her speak; this academy is named after her, but it belongs to everyone; the place belongs to Bapuji; Samar started it and Nandini worked hard for it.”

Pakhi mumbles that although it’s not a dance academy, Samar’s girlfriend’s business is taking shape. Anupama adds that due to her family requiring her most at the time, she couldn’t have given her time to the academy. However, she has no regrets since she had taken her decisions single-handedly and doesn’t want anyone else doing it for her. She further adds that if Samar and Dimpy wish to run this academy as per their will and accord change its name; just as long as it’s with good intentions, she won’t oppose it. Anupama reassures them of her blessing and expresses that all the relationships she built in life are lost so her dream does not matter anymore.

In her speech, she hands over the academy’s keys to Samar and Dimpy. Samar asks her not to say this because this academy belongs to her, but Anupama says she is the one who owns it. She tells Dimpy not to think that she is angry, she really wants this academy to prosper, family unity is more important than this dance academy, so she would be very happy if they ran this academy successfully.

In response to Pakhi’s question, Anupama tells her to not worry about her since Kanhaji will help her. As she packs her stuff, her memories of the academy resurface. A song called Baghban Rab Hai Baghban plays in the background. She prays for god’s guidance and blessings on her children. In silence, Samar stands like a girlfriend’s puppet.

Anupama tells him to work hard and do whatever he has to do from the heart to achieve success. Pakhi cries. Anupama tells Pakhi not to worry about her and focus on her and Adhik’s relationship. She walks out of the academy saying Anupama is broken but not shattered. In front of Anupama’s sari, Vanraj smiles.

Anupama prepares her dance academy poster and slips while walking. Vanraj holds her and offers her a sari. Anupama says she cannot accept it. Vanraj says he met Anuj in Mumbai.

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