Anupama 17th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Blames Anupama for Mishap

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Vanraj scolds Anupama, saying that if she doesn’t understand something the first time he says it, it could have disastrous consequences, like today when his granddaughter and daughter-in-law almost died because of her. Babu Ji tries to interject, but Vanraj cuts him off, warning him not to speak or else he will see a dead face. He explains to Anupama why he wants her to stay away from his family, citing her tendency to bring trouble wherever she goes and labeling her as unlucky or inauspicious. Toshu mentions the incident where Vanraj explicitly asked Anupama to stay away from Kinjal and Pari, yet she still met with them and even took them on a picnic.

Kinjal says please. Toshu says no and says you are just selfish and want to spend quality time with your granddaughter regardless of her death. Baa asks why you are so careless. According to Vanraj, you are responsible for everything that happened today and what could have happened. He says you used to interfere with our lives, but now you are behind them. Kinjal says, Papa…Mummy has saved our lives. She says it was a typical accident; anyone could have experienced it. Vanraj said it was her fault.

According to Kinjal, nobody would have been saved had it not been for Mummy. She insists that the picnic plan was mine, not Mummy’s, and asserts that I am responsible for what happened, not her. So please stop blaming her. With tears in her eyes, she cries. Vanraj then tells Anupama clearly that from now on, she has no ties with the Shah family, their neighborhood, vegetable sellers, or enemies. He adds that nobody will communicate with her, even during festivals. He orders her to stay at her own house while they remain in theirs.

Dimpy says that our relationship is over, and she will go with Anupama. Vanraj asks her to leave with Anupama but says if she does, she cannot have any relationship with Samar’s child. As Dimpy says, you have no common sense, and he tells her he cannot keep the baby from her. Vanraj assures her that the baby will not be hers and that he will make sure. He threatens her and asks her whether to choose between Anupama and the baby. Anupama leaves Dimpy’s hand.

As Dimpy leaves, Vanraj grins triumphantly. Anupama says she cared for Vanraj when he was in the hospital when Toshu was ill and when Baa and Babu ji were sick. She says that her heart has broken many times in this house, but this time, it was shattered into pieces. She says whatever happens here is my fault. Anupama says when the glass fell, it was her fault because she didn’t pick it up when Vanraj drank water and kept it.

She blames Anupama for everything, from not keeping the plug properly for ironing when the lights went out to have to do all the work because the servant didn’t show up. She believes it’s Anupama’s fault for giving her too much freedom. She also points out that Anupama couldn’t take care of the kids, and one ended up falling. Even though Sweety fought at school, she blamed Anupama because Sweety used to feel ashamed of her and never wanted her to take her to school. Baa’s leg pain is also attributed to Anupama’s lack of proper massage, despite giving a massage for two hours. According to her, anything that happens in this world directly results from Anupama’s actions. She seems to feel humiliated, insulted, and discriminated against in this household.

She explains how she was sometimes forced to leave the house and other times prohibited from entering. She declares that it is now enough, as her Kanha ji knows all the efforts she put into making this house a home for her husband, parents-in-law, and children. She acknowledges the humiliation she endured and how she continued to do her best. She mentions her husband’s contributions to the family as well. However, she states that it is now time for her to step back and turn away from those who have also turned their backs on her. While relationships and love may remain, Anupama will no longer fulfill any roles within the Shah household. She firmly asserts that even if they call for her, she will not come. She concludes by declaring that she is ending her ties with the Shah household and will depart by simply saying, “I am going…”

As Anuj takes Choti and begins to leave, Babu ji calls for Anupama, who performs the traditional tilak ceremony. Anupama gratefully touches Babu Ji’s feet. Surrounded by emotional family members, Kinjal can’t help but cry. Once outside, Anupama hugs Toshu before getting into the car with Anuj and Choti and driving off. Upon returning home, Malti Devi thanks God for her daughter’s safe return. Romil gives Anupama a tight hug and asks if she is okay. She assures him she is fine as Ankush and the others also inquire about her well-being. Barkha expresses her gratitude for being saved, while Choti remembers being in the car during the incident.

Malti Devi inquires of Anupama why she disregarded Vanraj’s request to not take Choti with her. Anupama responds that the accident was merely fate. Adhik and Romil express gratitude to God. Anupama then calls for Choti, who immediately rushes to hug Anuj without acknowledging Anupama. Concerned, Anupama asks why Choti is avoiding her. Choti reveals that she feels unloved by Anupama, as she always comes last after Pari and others. However, Anupama reassures her that she is always a top priority and that she loves her equally as Pari. She informs Anuj that Choti was saved after both Pari and Bhabhi. This news shocks and brings tears to his eyes.


I am your mother, Anupama tells Choti. In her opinion, you aren’t my real mother. Pari is your real granddaughter, and that is why you saved her. She says you left me to die in the car. Malti Devi says Choti’s right, you care for her. Anupama asks why you want to poison her heart. Malti Devi says this is true. Anuj shouts enough. Anupama asks if you think I ignore you and Choti. Anuj responds yes.

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