Kavya 27th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Kavya’s Dilemma Deepens


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The Episode begins with Adi mentioning that Kavya is willing to provide her statement as an eyewitness. Shortly after, Malini and Rajeev arrive on the scene. The Inspector inquires if Kavya remembers seeing Giriraj present during the incident. Kavya confirms and admits that she distinctly recalls everything from that night, as there was ample lighting at the time. She adds that she even spoke to Giriraj; undoubtedly, it was him. When asked about a possible altercation between them, she confidently responds that being an IAS officer, she can attest that Giriraj intentionally pushed the man in front of the truck. Despite wishing it were untrue, Kavya stands firm in her truthfulness and encourages the Inspector to document it as such.

Malini pulls Kavya aside and scolds, “What did you do? I had warned you not to state Giriraj. Now everything has been ruined.” Adi comes to Kavya’s defense while Giriraj suddenly begins to act good. Malini storms off in anger, and Giriraj quietly threatens Kavya. Just then, Badi Amma calls out for Malini and asks her to talk to Raju, as he is not responding. Overwhelmed with emotions, Malini tearfully responds that she doesn’t know when he will come back. Badi Amma then asks about their new daughter-in-law, and Malini explains that she is at the police station. Enraged, Badi Amma throws the rice snacks she made and reassures Malini, “Don’t worry, Giriraj will be home soon.”

Then Anjali asks who Badi Amma is and if Kavya will be okay. Malini says I don’t know. Badi Amma burns Kavya’s picture. Kavya returns home. Malini gets upset and leaves. We aren’t required here, Anjali says. Rajeev asks Adi if he will leave Kavya’s hand. Adi replies that he won’t. He asks them to take care. Kavya cries and hugs him. He says he is right; you can do this.

He serves the food to Giriraj. He says she’s brave, Anurag thinks. How dare she go against me? Omi says she’s fearless. Giriraj is scared, but Anurag believes you should be scared; she’s fighting for someone. She won’t leave you once she finds out about Navya. He scares Omi. Giriraj stops Anurag and says Omi is my son; mind it. He says Omi should sleep in peace. Omi departs.

Kavya comes to Malini and asks her to have haldi milk. She keeps the glass. Kavya says I don’t choose my job over my family; I decided on humanity because nobody else can comprehend it; the wrong happened with that family. If Rajeev was there in Giriraj’s place… Kavya says my dad could never do this. Malini taunts her. She says that you are responsible for all this. Kavya asks how can you think so?

Malini refuses to offer support until the statement is retracted. Communication will not be had, and there is no desire for insincere pity; it would be best if the haldi milk were also returned. Kavya’s reaction triggers tears, while Adi silently contemplates disclosing Omi’s deception. Despite her persistence, he declines her food offer, stating that he has pressing matters. Later on, a phone call disrupts Kavya’s evening. The individual inquiring about Mayank raises concerns about his well-being and expresses disappointment that she doesn’t seem to care or know where he is. Panicked, she demands more details as she glances at Adi, who is asleep nearby.


Badi Amma smiles. Kavya runs to see Mayank after being threatened by someone about Mayank.

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