Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Rohit and Ruhi Get Engaged, Armaan’s Return Shocks Everyone

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 28th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins as Akshara expresses her gratitude to Abhira and shares her pride for him. She embraces Abhira while Armaan holds Sanjay. However, Sanjay becomes enraged and walks away, leaving them all in disbelief. Shortly after, Dadi, Vidya, and Rohit arrive at the office with a small gift for Rohit. Dadi welcomes advocate Rohit Poddar to his new workspace and encourages him to take a seat. As they discuss their plans, Vidya suggests selecting a nice ring for Ruhi while Rohit apologizes and confesses that he is not ready for such responsibilities yet. Dadi reminds him that everyone has this fear and urges him to overcome it.

In his absence, I feel unable to accomplish much. Although you don’t want me to rely on him as a crutch, I have always relied on him to guide me through each phase of life. Despite your disappointment in Armaan, he has proven himself to be the most suitable grandchild and an exemplary grandson, son, and brother. He does so much for our family; can’t you find it in your heart to forgive his small mistake? Abhira embraces Smita and reassures her that she is a part of the family and does not need to go anywhere. Smita gratefully responds but admits that she must learn to live without Anurag. Akshara is reminded of Abhinav and offers words of wisdom, acknowledging that pain never truly disappears, but we can learn how to endure it. She assures Smita that they will always be there for her and urges her to reach out if she needs assistance. Wishing her all the best, they bid farewell as Smita departs.

I’m calling Armaan, and don’t fight with him, Akshara says. The staff gets a letter from Abhira. Abhira asks if Yuvraj sent it. The man replies that Armaan has given it to Abhira. Akshara asks Abhira to read it. In his letter to Akshara, Armaan apologizes to Abhira for showing him the right path. Akshara says he is a nice guy, and you always fight with him. Abhira says he is such a nice guy, and I want to apologize and thank him.

Armaan says Ruhi, you blocked me, but I got your address, and I’ll go to Rohit’s engagement and then Ruhi’s heart. He plays music and drives off. Abhira shouts to Armaan and runs after his car. She thinks I don’t know whether we’ll meet again, but I hope you always stay happy. Everyone claps for Rohit and Ruhi. He says to wait for Armaan. Dadi says yes, just 2 minutes. Rohit waits for Armaan for 2 minutes.

Manisha has confirmed that we will not wait for Armaan. She asked Kajal about Sanjay’s winner. As for Dadi, she wants to talk with Suwarna and Manish. The pandit has given us the sangeet and mehendi mahurat for tomorrow, followed by the wedding. So, do any of you have any objections? Just then, Armaan arrives at home in a hurry. Surekha points out that it’s too early, but Dadi reminds us it’s an auspicious mahurat according to the pandit’s prediction. After all, our main priority is to ensure the happiness and unity of this couple.

When Rohit sees Ruhi, he says you can say timeout. I’ll talk to Dadi. Manish says he’ll do anything to keep Ruhi happy. Marriage will take place within two days if Ruhi agrees. She says I’m ready to marry in two days. Armaan won’t come back to me now, so waiting is pointless. Dadi says we’ll do all the functions together, so we don’t burden you with the formalities. Manish says we’re lucky to have a daughter. Dadi says it’s decided: Rohit’s wedding is in two days.

Everyone claps. Armaan walks in and sees Rohit. He smiles and looks at the girl. Ruhi and Rohit exchange rings. Ruhi says I’ll fix my dress and come. She leaves. Rohit calls Armaan out, and he runs to him. He jumps on him. Ruhi cries. He says Armaan, he is this family’s son. Suwarna sees Armaan and recalls Ruhi’s words. Surekha says I thought he came to the resort alone.

Known as Rohit’s elder brother, Manish says they share much love. Rohit says I waited for you but had to get engaged because of mahurat. Armaan says he is pleased and hugs him. Rohit takes his blessings. Armaan asks Rohit to dance. Rohit says you have to dance. They go on stage and dance.

Armaan thinks they have invited Goenkas, which is great; that means Ruhi has also come. Udta phirta…plays….Ruhi recalls Armaan. Everyone smiles.


Ruhi says I’m engaged to Rohit, we’ll convince the family, come. Armaan says no, I can’t marry you. She asks if I can marry your brother. He says yes.

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