Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th May 2023. Written Episode Update

One rupee makes the money a shagun, money is yours and shagun is mine, another thing is mine, Abhir, the one who cannot leave shagun, the one who cannot leave his son. This father will earn money now. The father is also determined now, and Abhimanyu says it’s good, Abhinav says best of luck. Abhimanyu says you’ll become a bit bad, so it’ll be easy to fight. Abhinav says you too. Manjiri watches.

Muskaan presented a watch to Neela, who questioned the expense. Muskaan replied that she could return it if she wished, and Akshara added that Neela should feel proud. She agreed, while adding that she would scold her too. Muskaan then requested forgiveness for Kairav, to which Neela obliged. Kairav entered the scene and thanked them both before asking if she would join him at the nearby Shiv temple; Neela said yes and told him not to bring the car to her room as she’d change and come right away. All three shared a laugh before he left.

Muskaan says she was keeping a gift for Abhir and reads the note for Kairav. Akshara questions if they had confessed to each other, to which Muskaan responds that he cares for her and scolds her but they haven’t yet expressed themselves. Akshara reassures that she is happy for them both. Abhinav drives a cab and spots the family picture adorning his dashboard. Then he receives a message from Akshara saying he has made 2000rs. He washes his face at a tea stall and decides to have some hot tea to wake himself up before departing to the station.

Abhinav decides that it’s not time to take a break, but to support his family. He leaves and later returns home, where Akshara greets him and invites him to eat. She serves food herself, warning him about the duty of taking care of himself “for his son”. This reminds him of Abhimanyu’s words. Abhinav declines her offer and states he has to work, even though he will be taking a shower and booking a ride first. In the morning, Abhimanyu prepares a gift for Roohi along with a card. He talks to Neil tearfully because he misses him. Abhir takes off his shoes and throws them inside the bin. Upon Akshara and Abhinav entering the room, she inquires why he got rid of them so suddenly. She then goes on to narrate the story of how his father kept fixing worn-out shoes instead of replacing them; this ignites admiration in Abhir who wears the new shoes gifted by Doc man, exclaiming “It’s so cool!”. Abhinav agrees with a smile while Abhimanyu wonders if Roohi liked it as much as they do.

He told her, “I love you and will always be with you. Do you trust me? I won’t force you, but I learned to dance for you. Give Abhir a chance; try becoming his friend. You’re both very important to me. Will you do that?” She responded with an affirmative and they hugged, Aarohi observing them from a distance. The thought of bringing Abhir into the home entailed a price that had yet to be paid. Muskaan asked if he enjoyed what she prepared and was thanked for its specialness before he received a call for an important meeting – the jeweller’s annual conference – letting her know he’d be late if anyone inquired about his whereabouts. Leaving the gift box in full view, he departed for the event.

Abhinav smiles upon seeing a man and his son conversing. As he looks at the shoes, memories of Abhir come to his mind, prompting him to stop the car. The man requests him to drive safely. Abhinav’s eyes grow heavy with tears as he realizes that his precious earnings for the day is equivalent to just the cost of those shoes. With an angry roar, he accelerates the car. Akshara speaks up then, telling Abhir about their new home in Kasauli being larger than their old one – offering him a bigger room too; but Abhir claims to prefer the comfortable familiarity of their old house over anything new. She points out that while novelty may be attractive at first, it is often easier and more satisfying to settle back into old routines and habits – even if it is something like choosing between comfortable or stylish shoes. Abhir casts his gaze onto the footwear before him once more; yet barely had he done so before the man asks him what was wrong, why would he drive when clearly frightened?

Abhinav expresses that this had been a first time occurrence. The man retaliates, informing him that if he strikes someone again it will be deemed a criminal offence. Abhinav apologizes for his lack of attention. In response, the man scolds him, adding that since Abhinav needs the job for his son’s wellbeing, what about the children of the man himself. He takes the money and then warns Abhinav to not do anything to put his job in jeopardy yet again or else he may have to pay even more money and even lose his job. Seeing some coins left in the box, Abhinav begins to weep while wearing his old shoes. Akshara takes pictures of him which prompts Abhimanyu to enquire why she is doing so when it isn’t even his birthday. She replies saying he looks lovely, and that she will send these photos to his father. He then inquires if he has troubled her extensively enough now for her to drop him off at Manjiri’s house; she denies any such feeling and adds that he enjoyed coming there upon which Abhimanyu mentions if she will come later on with him but Akshara turns down the offer citing her urgent work matters.


Aarohi tells Abhir that Roohi doesn’t like you spending time with her poppy. Abhir says I have to go home right away, please drop me off. Abhimanyu worries.

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