Anupama 21st May 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 21st May 2023 Written Episode on

Anuj is talking to Anupama and Maaya is experiencing an anxiety attack. Anuj asks if she’s fine. Maaya asks why he’s talking to Anupama, and if he’s going to leave her and return to Anupama. Anuj says she’s fine. Shahs asks what happened. Anuj says she’s fine. Maaya says we should go home because she’s feeling uneasy here. Anu says even Uncle asked them to visit her.

As Vanraj tells Anuj to go home, he asks Anupama to stay back. She says she’ll go to her house. Barkha messages Vanraj if Anuj revealed the truth to her. Vanraj says he doesn’t think so, so let it be. As Anuj leaves with the Kapadias for the night, the song Jiye To Jiye Kaise Bin Aapke plays in the background.

Anuj reaches Kapadia mansion. Little Anu feels excited thinking of playing all day with Paakhi. Barkha says she cannot as Paakhi left her brother’s wedding and went to her friend’s wedding. Anuj imagines Anupama and feels happy. When Anupama isn’t around, he imagines her; only she stays in his heart when she isn’t there. He says he wasn’t talking to her when she was in front of him.

He is the heartbeat of this house, and every corner and everything will remind him of her. Anuj says she is right. Anupama says he is doing more wrong than before. Anuj says sorry. Anupama says his apology is not enough. Little Anu gets Anu out of imagination by calling Anuj.

Since Barkha does not know about their relationship status yet, she asks Maaya if she should move her bags to Anuj’s room or a guest room. If Maaya wants to stay in a guest room, she has to move Anupama’s shift from the guest room. In an emotional hug, Anuj says Maaya will stay in her old guest room, and Barkha gets it ready. Ankush says he will not let him go now.

After Dimpy’s wedding, Ankush says Dimpy should visit the office. Anuj says he will check accounts since he wants to be back in the loop. Ankush says he was telling the same. Bakha and Adhik become tense. Anupama feels disheartened thinking how Anuj could take Maaya to their house and remembers Anuj trying to tell her something and then stopping seeing Maaya. Anuj apologizes for Anupama’s words.

As soon as Leela gathers her family, she shows them a pain oil that she has prepared for them. All of them say they don’t need it since they aren’t old like her. Leela predicts that they will experience the aftermath of today’s sangeet ceremony. Anupama confidently asserts that they will dazzle in tonight’s sangeet ceremony with their performance. Leela adds that Maaya should feel envious. Just then, Kavya enters.

Kavya says she can’t dance tonight. Anupama tells her they should have a rocking performance tonight. Samar says she will once she sees them dancing. Kinjal insists Kavya stay back until Samar’s wedding finishes. Samar and others also insist. Vanraj says she should not force her, she will be visiting them often. Anupama thinks she’s unsure what will happen at the sangeet ceremony tonight.


As Anupama meets Anuj in a market, he describes what happened after he left Mumbai to meet him. They hug.

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