Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 24th July 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 24th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Samar’s encounter with the mysterious man. Maan expresses concern about Sam’s involvement in a precarious situation and suspects that he is keeping secrets. Meanwhile, Rani Maa receives an invitation from Bhanu Pratap and also receives a call from her Dada Babu. He expresses admiration for her abilities as a businesswoman and a mother, to which she humbly responds that she has learned everything from him. He suggests they meet and extend an invitation to Rani Maa for his 75th anniversary, specifically mentioning that he wants to meet Shiv. Rani Maa declines, stating that Shiv is currently in Mumbai but will attend the event. Unhappy with Shiv’s actions, she calls him out on prioritizing his love over his own family. When he asks why she hasn’t slept yet, she reassures him that she is fine and urges him to focus on convincing his wife instead of causing strife within the family.

She inquires about his whereabouts while hearing Pammi snoring. He fibs about Surili’s feline, Pam. Inquiring if everything is alright, he receives confirmation from her that Dada Babu has called. Puzzled, he asks how Dada Babu is doing. He then learns that he has been invited to the 75th anniversary of the Mahajan group and is asked to bring Surili along. Ensuring that they will attend, he ends the call. Feeling hungry, he checks the fridge but is interrupted by Surili’s arrival. Informing her that he had too much chilli and was searching for ice cream due to lack of sleep caused by Pammi’s loud snores, he excuses himself. She understands that he isn’t accustomed to sleeping on the ground.

Maan inquires about his next course of action, pondering who he should confide in. Rani Maa arrives and he expresses his concerns about overburdening Samar with Shiv’s responsibilities. Rani Maa assures him that no one can replace Shiv, but acknowledges Samar’s good nature and the sacrifices he has made for them. Maan continues to express his doubts, to which Rani Maa reassures him and then leaves. In the meantime, Surilii takes care of Shiv’s needs while Pammi clarifies that she does not consider her daughters a burden. She urges Maan to put an end to Shiv’s charade by deciding far says.

Maan says Samar is with Raghu, so I’ll check out his room. Shiv makes tasty poha. He welcomes Surilii and says wadlelight dinner. She says this won’t change my decision, so please leave. He hits a glass. He gets hurt. She asks him to show his hand. He argues and says he’s fine.

Samar reassures Raghu not to worry, promising that he will ensure the deal is completed successfully. This conversation is interrupted when Maan enters the room, causing Raghu to smile. After Maan checks the room and leaves, Raghu expresses his uncertainty. Meanwhile, Surilii notices ketchup on Shiv’s hand and questions him about it. He apologizes and asks for forgiveness, explaining that he has a right to feel upset just as she does.


Shiv and Surilii romance. She says promise me you won’t let anyone come between us. He promises. Roshni meets Shiv. Maan looks shocked.

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