Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 20th April 2023 Written Episode Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Written Episode of Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 20th April 2023, Written Update on

During the Abhaar Utsav, Rani Maa, Shivendra and the family come to the temple for the birthday party. Surilii asks the kids to remember what to do. Sasha takes Diya to the temple. Surilii wishes her a happy birthday. Surilii crowns her. Rani Maa and her sons perform the aarti. She asks Veera to go to Mumbai and end the chapter. Veera leaves. Maasi jokes on Sasha. Diya asks when will I get my doll house. Surilii asks the kids to help Diya solve the riddles. Sasha asks them the riddles. Maasi signs Diya and Diya says balloon. Surilii films them.

Raghu smiles at Swati as she passes by the temple and waves. She goes to wish Shiv. Raghu becomes upset. Rani Maa greets Hari and Madhu. She said Madhu might have given you the good news, but I want to hear your answer to my alliance proposal. Hari says that times have changed, and children will decide. Rani Maa says traditions don’t change, and we have the right to care for our children.

Hari taunts her about the past secret. She says you want to decide what to do with your life. Rani Maa says Swati knows when to do the right thing. She smiles. Swati meets Shiv. She says I should have met you in the UK. Shivendra says it has been a while since I was formal. She says she didn’t forget anything, I made your favourite sweets for you. He says this isn’t my favourite sweet anymore, but I’ll try it, he says very nice. She smiles. He leaves.

Diya says we will keep this cake in the fridge, otherwise, it will get over. Surilii says I will make the same cake again. Diya thanks her. Sam asks the servant for help. She reads the speech and tells him. She asks him to practice the governor’s name. The head servant instructs the servant to let Mithi go get the puja items. She warns Mithi. Sam says your name is so easy, Mithi.

Surilii asks Maasi to have sweets. She takes their picture. Diya says you said we would party all night. She asks Sasha to pack dinner otherwise she will have noodles at home. Sasha says don’t worry about me, I have prepared food here. Maasi asks Sasha to pack dinner or else she will have noodles at home.

The head servant Ambi Tai greets Shivendra and asks about Veera. Surilii says yes, we will have junk food and cold drinks today, as well as dance. Maan checks Surilii’s pics and smiles. Shivendra asks what are you’re seeing, I should know. I was finding inspiration for my poetry, Maan says nothing.

The question is, is her name, Prerna? Maan laughs and replies no. Ambi Tai says Veera has gone out of Ranakgarh on Rani Maa’s command. Shivendra asks where he went. She says Mumbai. Rani Maa gets Veera’s message. Shivendra goes to her. She asks him to come. Sam gives the speech. He calls Rani Maa and Shivendra on stage. Veera calls Shivendra.


Shivendra and Rani Maa argue about Surilii. Veera meets Surilii.

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