Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 9th June 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum – 9th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Shiv comforting Surilii after Rani Maa’s harsh words. Surilii assures him that she isn’t upset. Shiv lifts her spirits and they share a laugh. He expresses his gratitude for having her in his life. Suddenly, Sam arrives and interrupts their moment. He coughs and teases Shiv, leading to some playful banter. Sam then surprises them with a special arrangement planned by Maan, Raghu, and himself.

Surilii expresses her gratitude for the thoughtful gesture, mentioning how it reminds her of the birthday celebrations organized by Diya and Maasi. Surilii acknowledges the love she receives from Shiv’s brothers, and they all enjoy the surprise together. Sam gifts them AirPods, urging them to try it out. They listen to music and dance, disregarding the palace rules. Rani Maa observes their actions and becomes angry.

Meanwhile, Madhu visits Rani Maa’s house and confronts her about ruining Swati’s happiness. She blames Rani Maa for not understanding Swati’s pain despite her earlier warnings. Veera intervenes in the argument. Raghu and others gather to witness the confrontation. Madhu expresses her anger towards Rani Maa, while Surilii silently observes the exchange. Hari arrives and urges Madhu to leave, but she refuses, citing her daughter’s sadness. Rani Maa acknowledges her son’s wrongdoing and expresses her support for Swati. However, she disapproves of Surilii as her daughter-in-law and taunts Shiv and Surilii about their marriage not being accepted until she says so. Surilii is shocked by Rani Maa’s words and walks away, with Shiv following her.

Rani Maa promises to confront them and keep her word. Hari and Madhu leave as well. Shiv assures Surilii that their marriage won’t break because of his mother’s disapproval and tells her to relax. However, Surilii accuses him of betraying her and promises to confront him about his actions. She believes he promised someone else and married her instead. Shiv denies her claims, insisting it’s a misunderstanding. They argue, and Surilii goes to her room, upset. Both of them reminisce about their past moments together.

Later, Maan sees Shiv in the lawn and approaches him. Maan asks why he is there on their wedding night and offers to talk if Shiv is worried. Shiv reveals that Surilii found out about Swati, and he regrets not informing her himself. Maan advises him not to approach Surilii immediately to avoid further complications. He offers to speak to her on Shiv’s behalf, with Shiv expressing gratitude and giving him permission. Shiv thanks Maan and smiles.


Rani Maa discovers Shiv and Surilii together and states that Shiv is not the authorized signatory for Barot Logistics.

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