Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 5th May 2023 Written Episode Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

The episode begins with a man singing, bringing a smile to Surilii’s face. Shivendra expresses his concern, questioning Surilii’s trust in the man and warning her about the possibility of being deceived again. Surilii believes in listening to her heart and trusting others, emphasizing that life doesn’t always go according to plan. The man expresses his gratitude and appreciates the beauty of nature. Shivendra restrains him while Surilii suggests that they should listen to their hearts and give their minds some rest. Agreeing with her, Shivendra signals to Veera.

Veera understands the signal and signals back to Shivendra. Veera instructs the men to move towards the east direction. He then informs Rani Maa that he has found Shiv. The man pleads with Surilii to forgive him and let him go. Shivendra spots Veera and asks Surilii to come along. Surilii requests the man to leave and promises not to engage in any wrongdoing again. She joins Shiv, and they greet Veera. Shivendra talks to Rani Maa, apologizing for causing trouble and promising to return home.

Rani Maa smiles and tells him to come back soon. Surilii and Shivendra proceed towards their destination. Shivendra inquires about the escaped thief, but Surilii informs him that he has already fled. Accepting his earlier suspicion, she admits her mistake and suggests leaving. However, Shivendra mentions that there is still unfinished business. Surilii calls Sasha, who is relieved to hear her voice. Surilii updates Maasi on their situation and assures her that she will attend Diya’s annual day function. She expresses her longing for her family and promises to return soon. Maasi eagerly awaits her return, and Shivendra and Surilii arrive at the resort.

Bandish apologizes for having Surilii’s phone and explains how her family was worried about her during the jungle ordeal. Shivendra reassures her that it’s alright. Surilii admits to freeing the man and confesses to deceiving Shivendra. He emphasizes that wrong actions cannot be justified by helplessness. Surilii argues that life isn’t just black and white; it has shades of grey. She suggests that Shivendra, coming from a privileged background, may not understand the complexities of financial struggles. He advises her to leave for Mumbai, bids her farewell, and departs.

A girl named Radha greets Surilii and apologizes for not welcoming her the previous day. Surilii reassures her that it’s okay. Radha reveals that she has managed to arrange a staff uniform for Surilii since her luggage was lost. Meanwhile, the palace is bustling with preparations. Rani Maa expresses her gratitude to Madhu for her support and mentions the presence of Hari and Swati for their sake. Maasi reminisces about Surilii and Sasha’s childhood, bringing a smile to her face. Sasha encourages Maasi to have her meal, and they discuss Diya getting ready. Surilii overhears Bandish sharing concerns about the bakery’s problems with Radha.

Surilii approaches them and inquires about the issue. Radha expresses her wish for nobody to lose their jobs. Gunni receives money from Rani Maa, who considers her special and assures her commitment to fighting against every Kalik. Rani Maa instructs Ambitai to tell her sons to prepare themselves as they are going to Madhu’s house.


Shivendra invites Surilii to have a cup of coffee with him. Rani Maa announces her intention to make Raizada and Barot’s relationship official, causing Raghu to worry.


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