Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 18th May 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 18th May 2023 Written Episode on

Diya thinks about Surilii’s words in the episode. She gets upset and wakes up. Sasha is sleeping. Shivendra wakes up and asks the maid to get him coffee. He waits for Surilii’s call. As she sleeps, he calls her out. She wakes up and goes outside to talk to him. She apologizes for being so late. He smiles and does poetry.

People don’t get to see the open sky in flats here, she says. He says but the moon finds the sky. She says I’m tired, do you wear formal and sleep? He clarifies, “No, I only dress casually when I’m going out.” She questions him, “Do you only have formal clothes in your closet?” He reassures her, saying, “If you don’t like it, I can change that for you.”

It isn’t needed, you were going to show me something, she says. He says, of course, first coffee. She says sorry she forgot to get the coffee. He jokes. Keeping the laptop in front of her and closing her eyes, he asks her to lie down and listen to the sound without drinking the coffee. He makes her hear the birds chirping. She hears the peaceful sound and smiles. He says it’s my life’s music, I grew up with these birds, I find it soothing like a lullaby. It’s like Ranak has something that Mumbai doesn’t. Surilii nods.

When Swati comes to meet Shiv, he says, “I won the bet and showed you something you won’t see in Mumbai.” Ranak won, so tell me what I’ll get. He says you can give me something precious, your voice, your songs. She says I’m not a professional singer and she doesn’t know what to say.

He says it’s good if you sing, it’ll be for you or… She asks you? He says I hope so, will you sing a song and send it to me? He says I’ll try if you try something. He asks what should I try. She suggests, “Let’s be casual and sport a sporty look when we meet next.” He responds, excitedly, “So that means we’re meeting soon!”

He says he will change and become better for you, I will start today with an easy casual look. She says I don’t think you have anything in your wardrobe, I’ll have to go to a mall. Swati observes them conversing and becomes furious. He says okay, work comes first. Muddu asks where are you, it’s 8am. Surilii says I’m coming. She says sorry, I’m stupid, I’ll go now.

I have a lot of time, I need to eat my salad, it’s healthy. Surilii says you’re very boring. He asks what she means. She says Maasi says a man becomes what he eats, so your food is boring, I eat laddoos with tea, you’ll love them. It’s not silly, he says, fine, I’ll try it, but you have to try this healthy food, I’ll send you the recipe. She says I have to leave now.


Ambitai says Shivendra returned the breakfast and asked me to get something of his choice. Rani Maa says I dislike change.

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