Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 12th June 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum June 12, 2023 Written Episode Update on

Maan seeks Surilii’s permission to talk with her for five minutes. Surilii agrees and invites him in. Maan apologizes for disturbing her late at night and mentions that what happened downstairs might have affected her sleep. Surilii denies it and expresses her longing for her family. Maan explains that in the palace, there are only two titles: owner-servants and mom and brothers. He talks about the difficulty of balancing these roles and relates it to the recent incident.

Surilii interrupts him, saying that he doesn’t need to defend Shiv. However, Maan reminds her of how she saved him earlier and emphasizes that if Shiv couldn’t leave Surilii’s side in the jungle, then he wouldn’t abandon a girl’s side in the palace. Maan reveals that Rani Sahiba fixed Shiv’s alliance with Swati without consulting him, and when Shiv found out, he decided to go to Mumbai to meet Surilii. Although Shiv refused to marry Swati, Rani Sahiba informed Swati’s family without considering Shiv’s decision. Maan concludes that no one is at fault in this situation and bids Surilii good night before leaving.

Surilii goes to Shiv, wearing a sleeveless black gown, surprising him. They both apologize to each other simultaneously. Shiv silences Surilii by placing his finger on her lips and says that the previous day is over. He asks Surilii to promise to forget what happened and reconcile before sleeping. Surilii reciprocates by requesting a promise from Shiv. She expresses her desire to clear any misunderstandings between them and asks Shiv to share everything with her. Shiv agrees, and Surilii states that she wants to spend the night in the garden as she feels suffocated inside the palace.

Shiv suggests a better place and lifts Surilii in his arms, taking her to a different location. He reveals that this is the place where he cried after his father’s death. Surilii encourages Shiv to express his emotions freely, and he breaks down, embracing her. Shiv emotionally mentions feeling a connection with his father in this place. Surilii asks Shiv to introduce her to his father, assuring him that his father can hear him. Shiv introduces Surilii as his wife and daughter-in-law and declares that this place belongs to both of them now. He hopes that she likes it.

Shiv asks Surilii to close her eyes without cheating, and she complies. He turns on the lights and instructs her to open her eyes. Surilii is mesmerized by the sight of the lights. Shiv suggests going to the kitchen to get something to eat, but Surilii points to the pillow. Shiv checks it and finds dark chocolate cookies, which surprises him. Surilii reveals that they are her favorite, and her aunt packed them for her. They enjoy the cookies together.

Shiv approaches Surilii closely, but she stops him and asks if they can wait to consummate their marriage. Shiv asks if she is still angry with him, and Surilii denies it. She explains that everything is happening too fast, and she wants to take things slowly. Shiv agrees, expressing his happiness that they are married, and kisses her forehead, saying “I love you.”

As Shiv mentions that he can’t sleep without his eye mask, Surilii makes him lie on her lap and gently closes his eyes with her hand until he falls asleep. The next morning, a servant informs Rani Sahiba that Surilii and Shiv didn’t return to their room the whole night. Rani Sahiba is shocked and wonders where they were. Meanwhile, Surilii wakes up and realizes it’s morning. She sees Shiv still sleeping and covers his face with her hands to shield him from the sun’s rays. Raghu and Maan witness this and admire the couple. Maan worries about Rani Sahiba’s reaction. At the same time, Rani Sahiba observes the scene.


Rani Sahiba announces that she is taking back the signing authority of Barot’s logistics from Shiv and will handle it herself. She instructs Raghu to review all the business-related files and mentions an upcoming wedding in the palace.

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