Teri Meri Doriyaan 9th June 2023 Written Update


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Sahiba accuses Manveer of being responsible for Angad’s condition and demands she to even take her own life. Akaal questions why she defied his orders at her shop and endangered Angad.

Sahiba never wanted Angad to risk his life, according to Ajith, and he describes how he drove him to the hospital in his auto when the ambulance didn’t arrive. The nurse emerges and requests Angad’s wife to sign a consent form for his surgery due to his spinal injury. However, Inder seizes the consent form and signs it himself.

Jaspal calls Akaal and asks why no one is picking up. Japhyoth answers and asks about Angad. Akaal says Angad’s condition is critical because of Sahiba’s stubbornness.

It is taken that Angad has surgery. The Sahiba holds his hand and encourages him not to give up. Inder and Manveer pull her hand away and warn her to stay away from Angad. Akaal also orders her out. Sahiba says whatever their relationship is, it’s their problem; they can get her away from Angad but not his life. She walks out and sits crying on a bench.

Garry and Seerat blame Sahiba for Angad’s condition. Seerat assures them that Sahiba would not harm Angad, and says they should go to the hospital to find out what is going on. Jasleen fumes as Garry tells her he is wasting his time with her and will not waste any more time at the hospital.

Seerat advises Garry to prioritize visiting his brother immediately and worry about the wedding later. Garry informs her that he needs to go to the hospital because of her and sternly warns her not to command him again.

In response, Seerat warns Garry against mistreating her. However, he forcefully pushes her, causing her to fall down. Jasleen comes to her aid, helping her up. Garry issues a strong warning to Seerat, asserting that she should never try to stop him or give him orders again.

Veer initiates a video call and shows Angad to Sahiba.. Seerat, Garry, and Jasleen arrive at the hospital and apologize to Manveer on Sahiba’s behalf.

As Brar’s drama continues, she warns Sahiba not to work again but she doesn’t listen to her. Manveer and Inder tell her to stop bothering them as Sahiba already put them in trouble. Akaal says he already punished Sahiba, they shouldn’t be rude to Seerat.


She runs towards Angad’s room after learning he has regained consciousness. Seerat stops her. Sahiba says she is Angad’s wife, and nobody can stop her.

A Brar family bahu, Seerat has been given the task of stopping Sahiba from reaching Angad. Sahiba asks if Angad wants the same. Angad calls Sahiba. She runs to him. Angad apologizes.


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