Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th October 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th October 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

As Angad approaches the gurudwara, a man asks how he can help. Angad offers him his gold kada and takes him aside to explain his plan. Sahiba is shocked to see her name listed as Mrs Natasha Rumi Baweja in a password. Rumi says she is Natasha Baweja now since his mother gave her her name and accepted her. He threatens her at gunpoint to say that she is Natasha Baweja.

Rumi shouts to introduce herself confidently as Natasha Baweja. Sahiba says she is Natasha Baweja. She repeats. He says he is her husband, Rumi Baweja. She tells him he cannot do this. He threatens to kill her and then to kill himself if she refuses. He tells his mother that Sahiba agreed. She thinks she has to accept Rumi’s request if she has to escape from him and thinks her family must not know she is taken.

The Brars hold a prayer for Sahiba at the gurudwara. Santosh remembers the saint’s warning about the danger in Sahiba’s life. She tearfully questions why she did not heed the warning and lost her daughter. As Angad alerts the guards, a woman claims to have seen him and identifies him as the murderer. However, upon closer examination, she realizes it was not him. The actual culprit had exchanged his clothes with Angad after stealing his gold kada. Disguised as an old man, Angad walks past Sahiba’s prayer gathering. A young girl offers him prasad, to which Angad responds that he has not yet prayed to God. The girl reminds him that God had sent him prasad before he even prayed, and hands him some to eat.

The Santosh forbids Seerat from attending Sahiba’s prayer meet, saying the soul of Sahiba won’t rest in peace if she attends it. She blames Seerat for ruining Sahiba’s life. She says she can’t blame her for Sahiba’s deeds and even she feels sad with Sahiba’s passing. Santosh tongue lashed her for eyeing on her sister’s husband and exposed her sins. The Brar family remained silent.

Although Santosh is deeply hurt by the death of her daughter, it doesn’t mean she can blindly blame innocents; she supports Seerat and tells Santosh that she cannot blame Seerat and Angad for Sahiba’s death. Instead, Santosh says that Manveer should be blamed for troubling Sahiba from the beginning, for shamelessly announcing Seerat and Angad’s wedding, for getting happy to hear about Sahiba’s death, etc.

She insists on removing Seerat from the situation. Inder instructs Manveer to do the same if Seerat’s family does not want her there. Akaal and Japjot agree with this decision. Akaal then asks Jaspal to escort Seerat out of there. Keerat also urges Seerat to leave and spare them her shameless presence. Just as Jaspal leads Seerat away, Rumi cooks food on a barbeque while Sahiba is tied up in a chair beside him. He expresses his happiness at fulfilling his dream of going on a date with her. However, Sahiba is consumed with thoughts of how to escape from him. Meanwhile, Angad cries as he recalls Manveer announcing the wedding between him and Seerat, along with the other events of the day. He prays for Sahiba’s safety and hopes that she will be found soon.


As Sahiba escapes from Rumi, an alarm beeps. Rumi thinks she did something wrong and stops her.

She falls down after Rumi shoots her. Sahiba warns him to stay where he is.


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