Teri Meri Doriyaan 25th April 2023 Written Update


Japjyot says Sahiba didn’t enter the prayer room, she decorated the house with flowers and rangolis. Angad accuses Sahiba of entering the prayer room without permission. According to Akaal, Angad forgot their family culture and should visit gurdwaras and perform service. Angad refuses. Sahiba says she will continue to perform service at every Baisakhi festival.

As per family custom, Sahiba will fast until she finishes her service, and then Angad will feed her water and break her fast. Manveer walks up and tells their son not to feed water to Sahiba. Angad nods yes as if he was a mamma’s boy. Manveer verbally abuses Sahiba. Akaal says Angad judges people well, but he failed to judge Sahiba. Japjyot scolds Manveer next.

Gurleen insists Veer let her talk to his girlfriend. Veer says she is misunderstanding. Sahiba passes by and asks what is going on. Gurleen tells Keerat that she is okay with their friendship and will soon find out who her name is since Veer is not letting her speak to his girlfriend.

After she leaves, Sahiba asks Veer if she is on the phone. Veer says her sister Keerat is on the phone and gives her the phone. Keerat thanks god she picks up the phone and informs her that Seerat is going to meet her boyfriend at the Gurdwara; the entire story is described in detail. In order to expose Angad, Sahiba asks her to keep an eye on Seerat.

Garry tries to leave the house for Gurdwara, but Angad stops him and asks him to attend a client meeting. Garry says he already has plans. Angad decides to meet clients himself. While Seerat prepares to leave for gurdwara, Santosh asks her to visit a small gurdwara and serve food to devotees. Seerat gets tense and says she wants to serve in a big gurdwara like Sahiba.

In his car, Angad tries to leave, but Sahiba stops him. He tells her fasting drama won’t work on him and won’t feed her water. Angad asks Sahiba to go with Veer, he will come after his client meeting. Sahiba agrees and reaches Gurdwara with Veer.

As Seerat and Keerat reach the Gurdwara, Seerat asks Keerat to wait outside because there is a lot of crowd and she does not want Keerat to fight with anyone. Keerat agrees and waits outside, thinking Cindy’s baby and her boyfriend will be exposed today. After some argument, she asks Veer to give her phone to Sahiba. She tells Sahiba that Seerat has arrived at the gurdwara. Sahiba says she will be able to handle things from here on. She enters the prayer room and prays for God’s help. Seerat sits beside her.

Sahiba drags Angad into the living room and says she will show him who caused Seerat to elope. Angad asks what is this drama about. Sahiba collapses.

She asks him to feed water to Sahiba, which Angad does. Sahiba opens his eyes and points at Garry.

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