Teri Meri Doriyaan 15th February 2023 Written Update


Angad and Seerat’s wedding should happen as soon as possible, Gurleen suggests to the family. Jasleeen supports her. Darji says decisions taken in a hurry are not always right. Bebe advises them to act based on the situation. When Angad asks Dr. Sandhu what treatment for Santosh’s hypertension is, Sandhu replies that she is in a critical stage and anything can happen.

Santosh cries out her heart’s desire to witness her daughter’s wedding soon and everyone sympathizes with her. Angad and Manveer contemplate the situation, Jasleen suggests proceeding with the wedding in a few days to assuage Santosh. Darji remarks marriage is not a child’s play but Jasleen counters pointing out that considering Santosh’s condition, easing her stress might improve the situation. As Dr. Sandhu affirms, alleviating stress from patients have been known to have a beneficial effect on their health.

Darji says let us fix wedding date if Angad agrees. Angad says he has no issue if the family is okay with it. Bebe tells Ajith not to worry about the arrangements and that he should just take care of Santosh. Santosh is pleased that her wicked plan worked and Seerat’s wedding will take place soon without any expenses. Darji announces the wedding after three days. Brars congratulate each other on their success.

Sahiba says it’s okay to sacrifice at least for Santosh and Seerat’s sake. Keerat feels bad that she can’t attend her own sister’s wedding. Satosh says her condition is better now with this announcement. Jasleen notices them and remembers past events realizes that they are Santosh’s other 2 daughters. Keerat tells Sahiba they need to leave now because she has to return to the store. Instead of helping Santosh and Seerat, Keerat says she should work for herself.

When Angad asks Seerat if she is happy, she nods and searches for Garry. The siblings taunt Angad. When Sahiba and Keerat approach the door, Angad stops them and orders them to bring sweets for his family. Sahiba agrees. He identifies her voice. Sahiba speaks in a different voice again. He wonders why he keeps hearing her. Jasleen manages the situation and sends them away.

Seerat is overwhelmed with anxiousness, and wonders how to handle her problem with Garry. She excuses herself from the conversation and follows Angad. He congratulates her, which serves as a reminder of their prior promise. Seerat explains that this is a matter of life or death for him. However, he persists in pointing out the fact that her wedding has been fixed, and asks when she will be treating him. Seerat states that she is not thrilled about her engagement to Angad, but politely requests for him to meet her at a different location later that night for only a few minutes. Surprisingly, he agrees without hesitation.

Sahiba thanks god that Angad did not identify them. Keerat blames Santosh for their situation. Sahiba says it’s good that Seerat’s alliance has been fixed in Brar family, she doesn’t want the wedding canceled because of her. A caterer stops them and orders them to serve sweets to the Brars. The guests await the hosts.

Three days later, Veer announces Angad’s alliance. Inder is shocked. The guests demand Angad. Veer calls Angad. The Brar family dances to Dil Chori Sadda Hogaya. Sahiba becomes tense when Angad bumps into her. In a party mood, Angad says it’s okay and continues dancing.

Sahiba notices Seerat’s phone ringing and picks it up. Angad expresses his love for Seerat and asks if she loves him. Sahiba replies nervously, “I love you.”.

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