Faltu 21st June 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 21st June 2023 Written Episode on WorldofEntertainment.in

During the episode, Faltu apologizes to Ayaan, pushes her away, and leaves. He says you pushed yourself away from me, and I will never forgive you, you have made a big mistake. Savita asks where he is going.

Faltu asks Savita to explain Ayaan. When Tanu sees Faltu crying, she asks if she is ok. He says don’t worry, I’m not leaving the house, I’m going to the guest room. She says stop, don’t decide in a hurry. Ayaan leaves. Faltu asks Savita to explain Ayaan.

Ruhaan asks Shanaya if she’s okay. She asks where Faltu is. He says no worries, I’m going to get revenge on her. In her opinion, it’s not her fault she wanted to play for me, Ayaan is bad, he didn’t want me to spend time with Faltu, she’s a nice girl, we have to keep Faltu away from Ayaan, can we not keep her with us?

He asks what are you saying? She says I was afraid you would scold me, and I wanted you and Faltu to unite, so Faltu can come here with you. Faltu is married, Daima says. Shanaya insists that Ayaan should be kept away from him. The doctor says her blood pressure is rising. She injects Shanaya. She promises me you’ll get Faltu. The doctor advises bringing Faltu.

He goes out and says I’ll see what Ayaan does in court, and I’ll remove them from the house. Faltu remembers Ayaan and cries. He calls her. She disconnects. He says how dare she. He calls again. She answers and says don’t call me again.

He says don’t be foolish like Ayaan. She says I trust Ayaan, take care of Shanaya, we’ll be in court. Tanu says Mom, Ayaan didn’t question Faltu about Ruhaan, I have to accentuate this confusion.

Ruhaan calls Tanu and says you know about Shanaya’s condition, I want Faltu to come here and be with Shanaya, I want you to speak to her and send her here, talk to Ayaan, talk to anyone. It’s about Shanaya’s life. She ends the call and tells me Ruhaan wants me to convince Faltu and take her to his house. Tanu says she can do this for her.

Kanika asks why Faltu will listen to you. Tanu says I was waiting for this opportunity. Ayaan recalls Faltu and cries. He says he will never forgive Faltu. In his room, Faltu apologizes. He says you have to leave cricket forever if you want forgiveness, and just stay with me.

She acknowledges, “I understand. You painted this dream for me, and you have the right to claim it. I promise I will never play cricket.” He departs. Tanu arrives and shares, “Ruhaan contacted me. He informed me that Shanaya is in critical condition and wishes to meet you.” Faltu questions, “How is that possible? He didn’t mention anything to me.”

She asks Faltu to go and meet Shanaya. Faltu says fine, but I’ll ask Ayaan’s permission first. Tanu says he’s already upset, he’ll get angry. Ayaan is sleeping when Faltu goes to tell him. She leaves a note and thinks he will read it. Tanu looks on and thinks I knew you would do this.


Tanu begs Ayaan to punish Kanika for her crime, but Ayaan says Kanika will be punished. Tanu gets angry and says you will all be punished.

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