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Despite being drunk, Faltu is acting weird. Tanu thinks she does not need to do anything at this time. She asks how she drank alcohol, she is not a child. Dadi asks how she drank alcohol, she has been to many parties with us, and how she did it today. It’s not normal, Tanu says. Kinshuk says we’ll take her to her room. Faltu hugs Savita and says you’re so nice to her.

Aayan hears Faltu call out to her. He says he does not want to talk to her. He asks who gave her the drink.

Ayaan asks Faltu to come with him to the warehouse after the goons cut the wire and ignited a fire in the power meter. She goes. Harsh asks what happened to Faltu. Just as that happens, Ayaan receives a phone call and exclaims, “What? Fire? But how?” Ayaan informs the others that their warehouse is engulfed in flames, urging them to evacuate. Faltu admits to being scared of fire.

Janardhan wants to tag along with Aayan to the warehouse, but Aayan asks him not to. He says you don’t take stress well; I’ll keep you posted.

There is a party going on, so Faltu says he won’t sleep; Kumkum says don’t get adamant, please sleep. Tanu asks Faltu to sleep. Faltu hugs Kumkum. Kumkum says don’t get adamant, please sleep. Faltu says call Ayaan. Faltu sleeps. Tanu tells Ayaan that if I show him the photographs, then he’ll doubt me. She leaves. The servants enter the room.

The inspector says we can’t let you into the warehouse to check the stock, whoever did this, it was a well-thought-out plan, do you doubt anyone? Ayaan thinks of Ruhaan. He says yes. Harsh says we don’t doubt anyone, but if we do, we’ll tell you.

Ayaan asserts, “I’m certain that only Ruhaan could have done this.” Harsh agrees but suggests they cannot accuse him without evidence. Govind acknowledges that he is correct. Sid says if Ruhaan did this, I’m not leaving him, how dare he. Govind calms him down. The guests say it’s okay, they had fun here. Janardhan apologizes to the party guests, family members had to go to the warehouse. The guests leave.

Kinshuk contacts Janardhan and reassures him, saying, “Don’t worry, the fire brigade has successfully extinguished the fire. It was clearly a deliberate act.” Janardhan requests Kinshuk to keep him informed about any further developments. Savita comments that they had no alternative but to send them away. Kumkum mentions that Tanu is currently with Faltu.

According to Janardhan, someone intentionally did it, but it’s not a big deal, since we have fire insurance. Tanu wonders if Ruhaan did this. Dadi tells Tanu that she should have been with Faltu. They don’t see Faltu and wonder where she went. Tanu says she couldn’t stand, where can she go. Tanu wonders if she was pretending to be drunk.

As Faltu is brought to Ruhaan’s house, she asks what you are doing here. He says you will know everything. He holds her hand and says I hope you aren’t troubled.

Ayaan says we are going to file an FIR against Ruhaan. Janardhan asks how can you be sure. Ayaan says he had threatened me in front of everyone, I am sure he did this. Harsh says yes, but the police will catch him if he is wrong.

Kumkum tells Ayaan that Faltu is not in her room, and Amar adds that both her window and backdoor are wide open. Tanu muses that she was too drunk to stand, but wonders if Ruhaan had kidnapped her. Ayaan furiously declares he will kill Ruhaan if he touched Faltu, and runs off to search for his friend. Kinshuk offers to come with him, but Ayaan refuses, insisting that he alone can deal with their adversary.

Savita prays. Tanu thinks Ruhaan is double-crossing me, so I have to visit. She asks Sid to come because Ayaan can do anything wrong when he is angry. Ayaan drives to Ruhaan’s house. Faltu wakes up. Everyone is worried about him. Savita asks whether Tanu was right, whether Faltu was acting. Dadi advises against believing the situation, stating that she is heavily intoxicated and that it would be best to cease overthinking until Ayaan arrives to enlighten them.

Janardhan expresses his apprehension, unsure of how Ayaan will react if Faltu is indeed at Ruhaan’s house. Savita admits her fear. Meanwhile, Ruhaan intercepts Faltu from leaving. As she takes a step back, she firmly declares that she holds no feelings for him, but he halts her. She emphasizes that she has repeatedly made it clear she has no interest in him and implores him to release her, warning that things could take a grievous turn otherwise.


Ayaan rushes to Ruhaan’s house. He sees Ruhaan and Faltu confessing their love for each other. Sid and Tanu also watch.

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