Faltu 25th March 2023 Written Update Janardhan and Faltu seek Justice

Faltu Episode Update

Written Update of Faltu 25th March 2023 on worldofentertainment.in

The episode begins with Faltu and Janardhan meeting Ayaan, reassuring him that everything is fine. They inform Ayaan that Ruhaan has sent a lawyer Ram to help them and convince the employees to testify in their favour. Ram asks Ayaan to sign some papers for submission in court, which Ayaan does. After Ram leaves, Ayaan inquires about the whereabouts of Brijbhushan. Janardhan informs him that Brijbhushan is not at his place, revealing that Kanika and Tanisha sent him away. Ayaan expresses his determination to find evidence and promises to start a new successful business once he is out of jail. Janardhan advises him against starting a competitive business due to Kanika’s deal with Ruhaan, but Ayaan remains optimistic and reassures Janardhan.

Meanwhile, Kanika confesses to Tanisha that she has signed some blank cheques for Sid. Tanisha suggests giving the files to the family, but Kanika disagrees, stating that their deal with Ruhaan is not yet confirmed. Kanika expresses concern that Ayaan will think Tanisha’s intentions were solely focused on him, causing him to resent her. Tanisha assures Kanika that Ayaan will not understand their perspective and insists on keeping the files a secret. Sid enters the scene, and Kanika informs him that she has signed the blank cheques for him. She reveals her plan to leave for London with Tanu, emphasizing that Sid needs to do something for himself, such as acquiring a house and starting a business. Ayaan, overhearing their conversation, expresses his anger and disappointment.

Back at Faltu’s place, Sid contemplates making his contract marriage with Tanu a reality, professing his love for her and pleading with her to agree. However, Tanu rejects his proposal, asserting that she cannot continue the relationship. Sid becomes furious while Faltu receives a surprise visit from Shanaya, Ruhaan’s sister. Faltu questions Shanaya’s presence, and she introduces Shanaya and Daima to the family. Dadi and Tanisha inquire about Shanaya’s visit, and Faltu promises to find out the reason. Despite some reservations from the family, Faltu invites Shanaya to her room, where they have a conversation.

Meanwhile, Kanika learns about Ruhaan’s employees testifying for Ayaan and thanks the person who informed her. She discusses with Tanisha how Faltu might have convinced Ruhaan to help her. Kanika expresses her frustration and insists on locating the files to prevent Ayaan from getting released. Tanu opposes her plan, believing that Ayaan should remain in jail. Kanika warns Tanu about the consequences they would face if the files are discovered. Later, Faltu updates Dadi and Savita about Shanaya’s visit, but Daima questions Faltu’s intentions, accusing her of trying to impress Ruhaan by trapping his sister. Faltu stands her ground and insists that Shanaya came willingly, urging Daima to take her away and not bring her back.

Shanaya returns, and Faltu offers her some noodles. Shanaya expresses gratitude and suggests they have a conversation, revealing that she had informed Ruhaan about her visit. Daima interrupts the conversation, informing Shanaya about Ruhaan’s call and their invitation to return home. Shanaya decides to leave with Daima but promises to meet Faltu again the next day. Dadi expresses her disapproval of these visitors and advises Faltu to stay away from them. Faltu defends herself, mentioning that she speaks like Ayaan’s grandmother. Kanika taunts Faltu, and the episode ends with Janardhan mentioning that they are searching for a missing car, while Tanu claims to have proof and Faltu doubts her intentions. Faltu prays as Tanu scolds someone, revealing that the car has been stolen.


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