Suhaagan 4th May 2023 Written Update


Suhaagan 4th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

During the episode, Payal hugs Phoolmati and shouts lizard. Phoolmati tries to make the lizard fall down by jumping. Bhim comes and makes the lizard fall down. Payal shows the keys to Bindiya. Bindiya says you hugged Bua because that’s why she jumped.

When Phoolmati approaches Payal and Bindiya, she asks them to show their hands. She says that she knows they have stolen her keys, and that she is not foolish to be fooled. As Payal hands Bindiya the keys, she shows her empty hands. Bindiya then shows her empty hands as well.

Phoolmati wonders where the keys have gone. When the girls run, Phoolmati stops them when the keys sound. She calls Bindiya near her and takes the keys from her dress. Bindiya’s hand is injured, and she is thrown out of the house. Payal asks them not to throw her out. Phoolmati throws her out as well.

The doorbell rings. Bindiya looks at her parents’ photo frame and recalls her father’s motivational words. Payal tells Bindiya that Moti bua is not listening, and she is hungry. Payal says we will drink milk.

When Phoolmati wakes up in the middle of the night, she tells Bhim that she wants to find out what Amma’s cupboard contains. When Bindiya takes milk outside, Payal shoots. She finds the canister and gets it from the rack. Phoolmati finds a gold chain and gets happy. Phoolmati comes out and asks why did Bindiya shout seeing Bhim standing like a scarecrow. She asks them to sleep on the lawn from now on. They sleep on dry grass and cover themselves with it.

When Phoolmati asks them to make tea and sweep the floor, Bindiya says they don’t have milk and don’t know how to express it. Phoolmati says she’ll teach them, but the cow kicks her and cow dung falls on her face and mouth.

Bhim hangs a rose in Phoolmati’s hair. He asks why she applied cow dung uptan. Phoolmati calls someone and asks them to come today. She tells Bhim that she can’t take a risk, if Amma gets fine, she will not let us succeed in our plan, she says she cannot wait for a day. Phoolmati takes Payal and Bindiya’s school bags and throws them far, saying that now they can’t go to school and that every day will be Sunday. Bindiya asks Phoolmati if they can go to school.

As some guests are coming, Phoolmati sends Payal to get vegetables and asks Bindiya to sweep. Bindiya says she’ll change her uniform and sweep. Phoolmati taunts her.

Bindiya and Payal hear Phoolmati talking to the orphanage guy and run from home. Phoolmati asks Bhim to catch them.

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