Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Virat arrives at the hospital carrying a tiffin for Sai and accidentally bumps into Dr Satya. Dr Satya apologizes for the collision, and Virat retorts, asking if he can’t see where he’s walking. Satya responds by saying that Virat could ask himself the same question. Virat asserts that Satya cannot make such judgments about him as he is not negligent like Satya. Sai interjects, questioning whether Virat is a judge, lawyer, or policeman to pass such harsh judgments. Virat confidently declares that he is indeed one of them and warns Satya to be more careful. He then notices a bracelet in Satya’s hand, recognizing it as belonging to someone close. Satya challenges Virat, stating that it could also belong to his near one. Virat dismisses the possibility, implying that he knows the significance of the bracelet. Satya mocks Virat’s sharpness before departing from the scene.

Commissioner Mr Avasti expresses his gratitude to Sai for saving his wife’s life. Sai advises the commissioner that his wife needs to make lifestyle changes to prevent such health problems in the future. The commissioner acknowledges his indebtedness to Sai and expresses a desire to meet her colleague who played a significant role in the operation.

Virat arrives at the commissioner’s side and comments on his happiness at witnessing Sai’s dedication to helping others. The commissioner requests Virat to handle a meeting while he spends time with his wife. Virat agrees to take on the responsibility, and the commissioner leaves.

Sai questions Virat about his purpose for coming to the hospital. He denies eating breakfast due to Paakhi’s influence and presents Sai with a tiffin. While observing Sai’s hand, Virat notices that her bracelet is missing. Sai explains that she had removed it during the operation and must have misplaced it. She then accuses Virat of being intoxicated again. Virat denies the accusation and questions why she assumed so. Sai scolds him for bringing her food and giving Paakhi an opportunity to create drama. Virat expresses his frustration at Sai’s perception of his actions as mere drama and decides not to eat the food, walking away from the conversation.

Meanwhile, Savi notices a “Guest” sign on their room’s door and attempts to replace it with a nameplate for her room. Paakhi tries to prevent Savi from doing so, leading to the nameplate accidentally falling and breaking. Savi becomes distraught and starts crying.

Bhavani and Sonali go upstairs and find Savi in tears. Bhavani inquires about the reason behind her distress, and Savi reveals that Paakhi broke her nameplate and claimed that it was not her house. Bhavani assures Savi that she will talk to Paakhi and advises her not to cry.

In the canteen, Sai sits down to eat the tiffin Virat brought for her. Satya arrives with his music speaker and distributes ice cream to everyone, celebrating his successful surgery. Sai observes Satya’s lack of professionalism and questions how he became a doctor. Satya offers her ice cream, but she declines. Later, Satya returns Sai’s bracelet at the canteen, causing Sai to angrily shout and accidentally drop food on her apron. Satya explains that he came to return the bracelet, and Sai warns him to stay away from her unless he has important business with her. She retrieves her bracelet and leaves.

Paakhi instructs Mohit to check the files sent by the Chartered Accountant and sign them. Paakhi advises against issuing a 2 lakh rupees check to the Mahila Mandal. Bhavani enters the room and reprimands Paakhi for mistreating Savi. Bhavani questions Paakhi and defends herself, claiming that Savi is just a guest in the house. Bhavani firmly asserts that Savi is a permanent member of the household, and the decision was made by the elders, including herself. Paakhi accuses Bhavani of trying to bring Sai into her and Virat’s life, but Bhavani insists that it is God’s will. Paakhi declares that she will fight for her rights and challenges Bhavani’s authority. In response, Bhavani warns Paakhi not to mess with Savi again and threatens her with dire consequences if she does. With that, Bhavani leaves the room, leaving Paakhi and Mohit in a state of tension.

Meanwhile, Sai refuses to allow Satya into her cabin. The members of the Mahila Mandal arrive at the Chavan house, demanding that Bhavani expel Sai from the house.


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