Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th March 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

The Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update

Virat murmurs Sai’s name and their equation to Pakhi. In the background, the serial’s title song plays. Ajay Kamble tells Sai that everything will turn into ash within five minutes just like the ash he smeared on her face. She recalls recent events and wonders if it’s Ajay Kamble.

As she rushes to Virat and tries to wake him up, she recalls a man smearing ash on her forehead. Pakhi asks why she has returned so early if she wants to trap Virat completely. Sai says she has received a message from Ajay Kamble. Pakhi asks who Ajay Kamble is. When Sai fails to wake up Virat, she runs out. Vinu’s music player breaks down again. He opens it to repair it. A bomb glows inside.

Sai runs to constables and informs them that Ajay Kamble had come and threatened everything with ashes within five minutes. As she becomes concerned about Vinu and Savi, she asks the Chhavan family about them, and they all say they must be playing somewhere around.

When Sai reaches Vinu’s room, Vinu notices a time bomb. When Sai shouts his name, the bomb blasts. Virat also wakes up hearing the blast and runs out.

He says Sai aunty saved him on time by throwing the music box out the window. Virat says he heard a bomb blast. Vinu says he will.

The music box was brought in by Ajay Kamble. Sai says it was brought in by Ajay Kamble. Virat asks how he entered by breaching security. Sai explains how he entered as DJ Kolte, gifted the music box to Vinu, and sent a threatening message that was deleted automatically. A furious Virat drives his car away and declares that he will not spare Kamble. Ajay celebrates with his goons and boasts that Sai and her family must have turned into ashes. Virat reaches there and brutally trashes Ajay for trying to harm his wife and son.

Seeing Ajay harassing a woman, Varsha says she is the only one who can punish him. She slaps him and calls him an eunuch. Ajay shouts at her. Varsha slaps him again and asks Virat for permission to arrest him. Ajay is warned by Virat that he will smash him away if he looks at his family again.

Virat tells family that Sai will not go anywhere and walks into the room holding her hand. Bhavani looks happy, while Pakhi and Ashwini frown.

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