Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 28th April 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Written Episode of Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 28th April 2023, Written Update on

Surilii is going to Mussoorie in the episode. The lady says Shiv’s special guest Surilii is coming, and we need to take special care of her. Shivendra is praised by the driver for his ability to understand people. She visits the hotel and enjoys the gramophone. A lady named Preeti welcomes her. Surilii asks who is her boss.

Bandish comes to check out the kitchen setup. She gets busy. Shivendra says I know Surilii has arrived, good job. Bandish gets a message and says Surilii is here, all is well, the weather is bad, and it’s a red alert. Mithi finds a servant saying Kalik is coming. She says she will inform Ambitai. The lady tells Surilii Shivendra was confident about you. Surilii asks what. The lady answers Shivendra is your friend, right? Surilii says no, I didn’t get the contract from him. Shivendra comes. Surilii sees him coming. She says I’m leaving, no one can stop me.

Seeing Maasi, Sasha worries. She says I’m in charge of this café now. She taunts Sasha. Maasi and Sasha argue. Shivendra gets a call and leaves. Bandish calls him out. Madhu asks Swati not to leave for the palace. Swati says she won’t go, I want to know more about Shiv. Raghu asks where Shiv is. Madhu says the items will come, but the celebration won’t happen. Maan asks why.

Raghu says I don’t matter, Mom only worries about Shivendra; I’m preparing for the common people’s feast. Maan goes on to explain. Maasi says I’ll handle it. Sasha serves the people. She gets a call from Surilii.

As Surilii scolds her, he asks, “Did you check the profile?”. Sasha says yes. Surilii asks if you didn’t see Shiv’s name. Sasha says no. Surilii asks why did you lie to me. Sasha replies, “I’m not lying, you’re taking the burden on yourself, this contract’s important, it’s a solution to our financial problems.”

She justifies herself. Surilii says I will never see that man’s face. Shivendra comes to Surilii. Surilii says… Raghu says I wish mum praised me sometimes. Maan says you have always supported her. Raghu says she didn’t think I was deserving and didn’t send me abroad to study and work, why? They go to Rani Maa’s house. She refuses to celebrate her birthday. Raghu sees Maan and smiles. Surilii scolds Shiv. She doesn’t listen to him at all. Shiv tries to clarify. She leaves.


Shivendra is with Surilii in the jungle. Rani Maa discusses Kalik with Boondi.


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