Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 16th May 2023 Written Update

Written Episode of Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 16th May 2023 on

Surilii lies to Diya. She plays cartoon videos. Diya asks, will the police put my dad in jail? Surilii says no, you are our lovely Diya. She prays for Shiv. Inspector asks how you earn money.

We run a café, and it runs really well, Subinspector Kadam knows us for a long time, and we have no relationship with Monty, says Surilii from the café. According to him, Monty did this before, and I understand Sasha’s problem, it doesn’t matter if you are simple, who got Monty to bail you out, or who paid for it.

Suriilii says she doesn’t know. He says a lawyer has come. She asks who sent him. He says he doesn’t know, someone got him bailed, if I find out your family did this, I will arrest you. Diya gets angry when she hears this, we didn’t bail him out, we want him to stay in jail, that’s his right place. She says we will help you. I am going, to tell the truth to Maa, Raghu says. Rani Maa asks in which regard, I’m not in a state to hear anything. I’m worried about Shiv. He calms her. Surilii is sad.

It is because of Monty that the police doubt him. Surilii calls Maan and asks about Shiv, is he OK, did he get conscious, or was he bailed out? Maasi says odd, he’s a trouble for us, we’re responsible for his condition. She wishes Shivendra a speedy recovery. He says no, we are all worried, we got him back to Ranakgarh.

Mithi recalls Shiv’s words. She takes her guitar and goes. She says Kaka gave her these things to keep. Swati asks her to keep them there. She sees Sam and leaves. Surilii says you wanted to hold the sun in your fist, get well soon, I’ll sing for you. She plays the guitar and sings… Darmiyaan… Sasha smiles at her.

Shivendra becomes conscious, Sam says. Rani Maa and her sons rush to Shivendra. Swati arrives. He takes Surilii’s name. He looks around and asks if Surilii is fine. Rani Maa says we will talk about her later, let your wounds heal. Maan calls Surilii and makes her talk to Shiv. Maan leaves the room and cries. Shivendra asks Surilii not to worry. He says I’m okay. He asks if she’s thinking about me. She says yes. He says I’m sad and in pain.

My apologies Shiv. You are hurt because of me. Tell me, when can we meet? She says soon, you will get well soon, you are at home. He says just tell me, will you meet me and have a cup of coffee with me? She smiles.


Surilii smiles. Rani Maa tells Shivendra not to keep any terms with that girl. Shivendra says please listen to his heart.


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