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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 31st March 2023 Written Episode Update on

Gautam gets angry with Dev for switching off his phone. Krish decides to get rid of Shweta. Prerna asks him to come along. She says you talk to Shweta. Krish says I don’t want to see her face. Gautam angrily throws things. Rishita serves pasta to the kids and Dev finds them upset. The kids refuse to have food and say they want to go home. They cry. Rishita says we made a mistake by getting them here.

Dhara asks why are you blaming Rishita, Dev is also at fault, both are wrong. Krish asks why Rishita always stay angry, and Dev loses his mind. Rishita says you are making a mistake, our phones are off, family would be concerned, I need to find a job, and we need to see a doctor too. Krish says women are the root of all problems. Dhara and Prerna ask what he means. Krish says good women, except for you two. Dhara tells him to go to Ahmedabad; they can’t wait any longer.

Rishita and Dev try to control the kids. Rishita asks the ward boy to see the kids for some time. Dev meets with the doctor. Krish refuses. The doctor tells you your daughter needs a kidney transplant, but she has limited time. The kids wonder if they should visit Somnath. Dev says we came here to find a donor. The doctor says it’s hard, keep trying. Natasha says we’ll run away. Chiku says we’ll take Shesh from home. They leave. Somnath Hospital calls Rishita.

The doctor asks how you can be so careless, do you want to kill your daughter, we are trying to reach you, you have turned off the phone, and you know it is difficult to find a kidney donor, but your daughter got one. As Dev and Rishita hug and cry, the doctor suggests Natasha go to the hospital for tests.

She asks who has come as an angel for our daughter. He says Dhara Pandya’s kidney has matched. They’re shocked. Dev says I’m Dev, Natasha’s father, the reports didn’t match before. The doctor apologizes, saying it was Holi and our lab man sent the wrong report. Get Natasha soon, Dev says.

The man hugs Rishita and tells her everything will be fine. She said I fought Dhara and came here, will Dhara give her the kidney? You didn’t understand her, he smiles, she didn’t have a child to raise Shiva, Krish, and me, she made many sacrifices for us, she could have planned her child and made us leave the house, but she didn’t do that, she will always help us. She apologizes and hugs him.

Dev and Rishita look for the kids. Ward boy says I have much work. The lady says she saw the kids going out. Dev and Rishita go to see the kids. Shivank steals money from a man. The man is Krish’s friend. They talk about Shweta. Shivank says I can make you Shweta’s friend. The man asks really, I’d like to open a carrom club. Shweta has a lot of money, so why were you feeding her that special laddoo that day? Shweta sings. Krish arrives. They argue.

You won’t get out of jail, he says. Shweta says you look cute when you lie, you must free me, I have proof against you. Shivank says I’ve seen the CCTV footage, you fed the laddoo in response to Raavi’s request. Krish scolds Shweta, and she laughs. She says you cheated on me when I was drunk. It is nonsense, she says, but I have proof. She shows him the video. She says I was drunk on Holi, but I knew you would come to me, so I muted the audio and made the video.

You have to free me from here now, otherwise, I will give the proofs to the court, even your friend is ready to give a statement against you, he knows I’m helpless, she says I have a copy of it, Raavi fed me special laddoos and I got this proof. It won’t prove anything, he says you’ll never get me, I’ll never get you out of jail.


Dhara says Shivank came to get the money. She tells Suman about Shivank, who blackmails Dhara for 25 lakhs.

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