Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 26th May 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 26th May 2023 Written Update on

Maasi asks Surilii what about the insult Shivendra’s family did. Surilii says Shivendra didn’t insult us, we’re talking about him. Love does not move a stone, says Maasi, Sasha wanted to become a princess, and you also wanted to become a princess. You got a prince, but you will be an ordinary girl for his family, who won’t accept you. Do you think I’ll make you sit here all your life? I’m going to dance with you when you find someone perfect.

When Samar looks at Raghu’s picture of the family, he says amazing family, I didn’t know there were four brothers. Raghu says I’ll make you meet my mother; her decision is final. Samar says you’re kidding me, right, your brother isn’t here, so you can’t sign.

The deal will be done after Shivendra’s approval. Raghu says it will be my mom’s business, then Shivendra’s, then mine. Samar says you can wait, I have to fight with people, I need a man. He leaves. Shivendra gets Surili’s message. He leaves. It is Raghu who comes to meet Rani Maa. He says Shivendra isn’t here, you’ve always given him your love and privileges, but you forgot me. She asks what, you’re saying I’m not a good mother?

Shiv says you are the best mother in the world, but you didn’t think of our likes and dislikes, I got used to being ignored, you didn’t think of Shiv’s choice either, he prefers Surilii to Swatilekha. He looks at her.

During his childhood, he loved Swati, but you did not see my love, you fixed Shiv’s relationship with her. Maan watches as Shivendra arrives at the café. Shivendra thanks Sasha for helping her and tells him about Surilii. Surilii is at a beach. She asks him to be quiet. He says no, I won’t step back for others. He leaves.

Shivendra comes to meet her. She smiles seeing him. They hug. She asks why did you come so far, she might be hurt. She asks him to say something. He says I can’t stay away from you, I love you Surilii. She says I love you too.


Shivendra says we can solve any problem together. Surilii asks if sky and land can meet.


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