Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 11th August 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 11th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Surilii eagerly wanting to share the good news. However, Shiv’s phone rings and he informs her that he has to take the call. She reassures him that they can inform their father about the good news later. Shiv then asks if the tests are completed and Roshni replies that the reports have arrived and it seems serious, asking him to come over. He agrees to go and apologizes to Surilii for having important matters to attend to. She mentions that she came from Ranak to tell him something, but he insists on going. She understands and says she will wait for him. He thanks her for being understanding and says “I love you” before leaving.

The doctor checked the reports and apologized, stating that the results were not positive. It was recommended that the necessary treatment be started promptly, and Roshni was advised to discuss it with her friend Shiv. The doctor expressed his regrets again and urged them to come to a decision soon. Pammi then advised Surilii to rest, while Surilii asked her to remove the cake from the oven in an hour. After tying the Raksha kavach, Pammi kindly thanked Surilii and reminded her that she needed to go to City Hospital. Sasha offered to drive Surilii there, but she declined, stating she would go by herself. However, Pammi insisted that she take a taxi instead of riding a scooty. Surilii eventually agreed with a nod of approval.

Shiv reassures, “Trust your doctor and everything will be fine.” Roshni then confides, “I have decided to legally adopt Mohit and keep it a secret that you are his father.” Shiv nods in agreement, “I remember my promise. You just need to focus on your treatment.” Roshni acknowledges, “You’re speaking like a responsible father. Please don’t spoil Mohit.” Shiv responds positively, “Once you get better, we can work together to reform him.” The nurse inquires about their decision. To which Roshni confidently replies, “I am ready for the treatment.” The nurse hands her a form and advises, “Please fill this form out. It’s a major operation and requires a signature from a family member.” Shiv immediately offers, “I’ll sign it. Don’t worry, I’ve known you for many years and you are still the same strong woman I knew.” He cheers her up with encouraging words.

After filling out the form and signing it, Surilii arrives at the same hospital where she reveals Shiv’s name as her husband. She assures them that she will make sure to have his name listed. Meanwhile, Roshni plans to pick up Mohit, but Shiv insists on taking care of it himself and leaves. Unfortunately, Surilii does not see him before he goes. Samar then questions Mithi about her plans and she responds with a smile. He warns her not to always abide by someone else’s wishes and reminds her to value herself first. Despite his advice, she continues with her plan and he wishes her the best as she leaves.

Upon meeting the doctor, Surilii receives reassurance about her health and is advised to maintain a timely intake of vitamins and folic acid. She acknowledges the advice and overhears a nurse discussing a patient named Mrs. Barot who has been admitted to the facility. Curiosity piques Surilii’s interest as she notes that the surname is uncommon. Without further delay, she proceeds to investigate. Meanwhile, Mohit accompanies Shiv to visit his mother who is seeking medical assistance for an infection. Though not in sight, Surilii takes a seat on a nearby bench where Mohit checks on her well-being. She confirms that she is well and inquires about Mohit’s reason for being there. It is then revealed that his mother is the one admitted under Mrs. Barot’s name. Surilii offers words of comfort, acknowledging that mothers have an instinctive sense and encourages him to pray during times of worry or fear.

As she prayed, he asked her to meet his mother. While walking, she noticed a fallen form and picked it up. Reading Shiv’s name and seeing his signature, she was shocked as his words rang in her head. Despite Roshni’s worries, Shiv reassured her not to worry. Surilii entered the room and was taken aback by the situation. Seeing her, both Shiv and Roshni were surprised. In the commotion, Surilii dropped her phone which broke. Mohit explained that Surilii had come to meet them at the café earlier. Shiv clarified that Surilii was his wife and there was nothing to be misunderstood. As the doctor called for Roshni to prepare for surgery, Shiv wished her luck before Mohit expressed his love for their mother. As Roshni reciprocated the love, she left for surgery while Shiv promised to explain everything in a minute before attending to Surilii who had left in tears.


Shiv confronts Surilii. Shiv says he was helpless and that Mohit is his son. Mohit embraces Shiv.

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