Agnisakshi 25th January 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 25th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode opens with the Doctor revealing to Aai and Pallavi that Jeevika is unable to conceive. Aai inquires about the meaning of this news, to which the Doctor explains that she cannot bear children. Aai is visibly upset and remarks on how the girl who named her own children is now faced with this situation. The Doctor expresses empathy towards their pain. Meanwhile, Satvik’s Bhabhi overhears their conversation. Despite the Doctor’s reminder that Jeevika may not be ready to hear upsetting news, Aai and Pallavi go to visit her. Aai breaks down upon seeing Jeevika and places her hand on her stomach, recalling fond memories of caring for her during her pregnancy and envisioning a future where her child would bring joy into their lives. Jeevika even shares her desire to have six children and has already thought of names for them.

Pallavi arrives at the doctor’s office, requesting assistance in calling the police. The doctor reassures her that Satvik has already taken care of all necessary paperwork and expenses. Pallavi questions whether the value of a poor person’s life is less than others, but affirms that she will still involve the authorities. The doctor wonders why she did not intervene earlier when Satvik handled everything. Pallavi persists in her decision to call the police, causing the doctor to mention his father’s ICU stay and plead with her to reconsider. Just then, Satvik’s sister-in-law appears and requests a private conversation. She reminds them that every life is precious, regardless of social status. While listening to his mother crying in Jeevika’s room, Satvik is deeply affected by her pain.

Satvik’s bhabhi reassures Pallavi that the accident was not her brother’s fault. Pallavi then expresses concern for Jeevika, wondering who will marry her now that she can’t have children. She continues to share her worries, saying that she would be a burden on whoever does marry her. For Jeevika, marriage and motherhood were a dream, and living without it would feel like a burden. The nurse advises Aai to step outside as Jeevika can hear in her unconscious state. Meanwhile, Satvik gazes at Jeevika through the window and feels regretful.

Pallavi raises the possibility of going to the police, but Satvik’s bhabhi suggests finding a suitable partner for Jeevika instead – someone who will love and understand her despite her condition. However, Pallavi points out that it would be difficult to find someone willing to marry Jeevika when she cannot bear children. Bhabhi proposes keeping this information from the potential groom and his family. Even though Aai agrees with this plan, Pallavi doubts if their family would ever agree to it. She acknowledges Jeevika’s unwavering commitment to truth and believes that even

Wara asks Aai what you mean? Aai cries. Pradeep and their father come there. Aai cries and asks if Jeevika is okay. Aai says her life has been saved, but….They ask what? Pallavi comes there and asks them to meet Jeevika. They all leave. Pallavi then tells Aai that she has made a deal with Madam ji.

Bhabhi tells the receptionist they’ll pay Jeevika Rane’s bills. Juhi asks why you are responsible for this girl’s marriage. Bhabhi says she has to find a bride and groom. Juhi suggests that Satvik and Jeevika get married and the problem will be solved. It is unacceptable for Bhabhi to ruin Satvik’s life for family prestige, because they do not know the girl’s family. Juhi asks her to think. Satvik tells Bhabhi that the surgery is finished. They go to meet Narayan.

Aai wonders how she can deceive Jeevika and keep the truth hidden. Pallavi assures her that Madam ji is willing to assist them and ensure that Jeevika remains unaware. She emphasizes that if Jeevika were to find out, it would ruin all her hopes and aspirations. Pallavi suggests postponing telling her until after the wedding, so Jeevika can at least fulfill one of her dreams before considering adoption. If they were to inform her now, she might reject the proposal or even inform the groom, resulting in no one wanting to marry her. Aai expresses concern about lying but Pallavi reminds her that Madam ji has promised to find a suitable match for Jeevika. Aai hesitates, not fully trusting a stranger. However, Pallavi reveals that Madam ji has threatened to involve the police and accuse Aai’s brother-in-law if they do not cooperate. Aai acknowledges that wealthy people are cunning and agrees with Pallavi’s plan.

Dr. Ashok reassures everyone, including Satvik’s bhabhi, that despite the complexity, the surgery was a success. This news brings great relief to everyone. Satvik and his bhabhi go to see their Papa, but Dr. Ashok pulls them aside to inform them that this was Narayan’s third surgery and he only has 7-8 months left to live. Satvik is determined to find the best doctors and extend his father’s life by 16-17 years. However, Dr. Ashok reminds him that money cannot buy everything and suggests spending quality time with his family during his father’s remaining days. Satvik starts considering marriage as a way to honor his father during his last days.


Jeevika tells Pallavi that the accident wasn’t caused by the guy who brought her to the hospital. Pallavi is shocked.

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