Agnisakshi 20th July 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 20th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Jhanvi inquiring Jeevika about the possibility of the baby’s arrival on her birthday. Jeevika responds apologetically. Sukanya and Narayan insist that she rests. Pallavi urges Satvik to give them some privacy. Sukanya invites Jeevika to take a seat, acknowledging how difficult this must be for her. Jeevika expresses her frustration towards Sukanya for hiding such crucial information from her and wonders how she will face her husband and family now. Sukanya explains that she did it for Jeevika’s good, though she might not understand it immediately. Despite knowing it will hurt her loved ones, Sukanya pleads with Jeevika not to reveal the truth for her sake.

In response, Jeevika asks, until when? She tells him that she cannot be a mother until she is alive. Sukanya says I will get it out some way. Jeevika says she has never lied to Satvik and will never lie to him ever again. Satvik tells Manas that Jeevika wants to tell me something, and I’ll go and talk to her. Manas says she’ll tell you when she wants to. Sukanya says Jeevika is resting and will meet you all after something. Pallavi asks what she said, and Satvik asks if she’s alright.

Pallavi makes a joke, prompting Pradeep to mention their plan to leave and speak with Satvik about Jeevika. Meanwhile, Rajnandini considers hurting Jeevika emotionally. Upon entering the room, Satvik finds Jeevika in tears and assures her that she is not at fault. He encourages her not to dwell on misunderstandings and not to blame herself. Despite this, Jeevika insists on speaking the truth, but Satvik advises her to rest. He even helps her lie down in bed despite her protests.

Lata approaches Narayan and inquires about his thoughts. He admits to feeling regret for imposing his hopes on Jeevika. Lata reflects on their aunt Savitri, who had a fondness for children but agrees that they were both wrong. However, Narayan remains optimistic as Guru Ji had assured him that happiness was coming their way. He firmly believes that this year will bring the fulfillment of his dreams.

Meanwhile, Jeevika overhears their conversation and turns to seek guidance from God, feeling overwhelmed at the thought of not being able to fulfill her father’s dream. In another room, Satvik is deep in thought while Shlok and Manas join him. Satvik reveals his desire for Jeevika to return to her previous self and expresses regret for not communicating with her amidst all the recent chaos. Manas suggests confessing his love to Jeevika as it could lift her spirits. Shlok encourages him to do so without delay and Satvik agrees, realizing that although it may be late, it is not too late.

Pradeep asks Swara to give him a bulb, and she tells him why you’re so worried. Swara says she didn’t see Jeevika’s extreme reaction and that the way she was crying seemed to indicate she wanted to express herself. Pradeep says we don’t know something and that even Aai knows something. Swara asks what we should do. A call makes her happy.

The words of Narayan and Sukanya are on Jeevika’s mind. Rajnandini comes to Jeevika’s room and asks if she is okay. Jeevika replies, “I am trying to find out what happened to me.” Rajnandini fakes tears and wipes them from her eyes. According to her, whatever your Aai told you you could not become a mother was true.

She explains that our fate is one of sorrow – I, losing my husband soon after marriage, and you, whom I brought into the family with the belief that I couldn’t have a child to carry on the name. However, Lata Mausi was correct in saying that I am to blame for the misfortune in this household. Jeevika reassures you that it’s not your fault. Rajnandini admits that she is responsible for finding a suitable match for you and hopes for a blissful family life. With tears in her eyes, she begs for forgiveness and pleads for happiness and prosperity to return to this house.


Satvik assures Jeevika that he will fulfill all her wishes. Jeevika says we are not destined to be together.

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