Agnisakshi 29th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Utkarsh’s Mysterious Return Unravels Family Secrets


Agnisakshi 29th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

After seeing Satvik happy in the episode, Jeevika smiles and asks if he is okay. Satvik says that he is fine and that after Mummy passed away, dada would leave work to be with me, take care of me, and would be my Maa and Papa at the same time. My teenage years were spent in his care, and he told me he would make me do my double care. Jeevika takes off lousy sight from them, and Utkarsh smiles. He says even my teenager was spent in his care, and he used to tell me that he would make you do my double care.

Rajnandini informs Juhi that Jeevika was not justified in bringing Utkarsh here. Juhi questions whether Rajnandini was aware of his whereabouts and current state and inquires if she is to blame for his condition. Rajnandini confirms, admitting her involvement. Juhi expresses her disbelief at how Rajnandini could treat her husband this way. In response, Rajnandini mentions love before angrily throwing objects around. Confused by her outburst, Juhi asks for an explanation. Rajnandini clarifies that Utkarsh’s miserable state is a result of his actions, mentioning how he wanted to get rid of her and potentially kick Juhi out if he had succeeded.

She says I made him homeless before he snatched shelter from us. Juhi says you did right and I used to think him innocent, and I’m with you. Rajnandini says thank you, Juhi; I knew my sister would make me understand. Juhi says we must make Jeevika understand that she cannot interfere with your affairs. Rajnandini thinks she won’t allow her to.

In response to Shlok’s question, Satvik tells me that he feels as if he sees a dream and that everybody is happy after Utkarsh Dada returns but scared of getting bad sight. Shlok says someone has bad sight and counts the incidents. Utkarsh has returned, but someone seems to have punished him by keeping him away from us. What?

When Rajnandini searches for something, Lata asks, “What are you looking for?” Rajnandini replies, “Headache medicine.” Lata says she’d be happy to see him, but she’s got a headache. Rajnandini taunts her for staying here. In addition to seeing her Bhao ji with his three sons, Lata tells her that she’ll be leaving too and asks her to think about what happens next.

Seeing Utkarsh back, Narayan says he’s happy. Lata says terrible things will happen when bad people are around. Juhi tells Rajnandini to act. Otherwise, everyone will doubt her. Rajnandini arrives at Utkarsh. When Utkarsh becomes scared, he holds Jeevika’s pallu. Jeevika tells her to talk to him later. Narayan asks Jeevika not to ignore Rajnandini’s feelings. Sundari comes there. Jeevika says I called her here. Narayan asks who she is. Lata asks why you called her now. Jeevika says she is our farmhouse’s caretaker.

Jeevika informs Satvik that someone has been in the farmhouse. He confirms finding half a roti and some footprints but no one else. Jeevika then mentions Utkarsh’s presence at the farmhouse and her phone call to Sundari to inquire about it. Sundari denies any involvement and claims to have never seen Utkarsh before. Rajnandini questions if Utkarsh was at the farmhouse without their knowledge, suggesting a possible misunderstanding. Jeevika asserts that she is not mistaken and leaves the conversation.

Rajnandini reminds everyone that Jeevika cannot make accusations without evidence, which is unjust. Satvik reiterates his support for Jeevika’s actions. Narayan attests to Jeevika’s integrity, stating that she would not make false accusations without reason. Jeevika presents the taweez given by Guru Ji, which she had misplaced in the farmhouse and later found with Dada. Sundari claims to have encountered him outside the farmhouse and offered him shelter out of kindness, not knowing his identity or name. When asked about the medication he was receiving, Sundari denies knowledge of it despite Jeevika’s previous conversation with the doctor. Rajnandini expresses gratitude towards Sundari for her help saving Utkarsh and caring for her. Aadhya also extends her thanks to Sundari.

Rajnandini confronts Sundari in the room, criticizing her for failing to contact her after Utkarsh’s escape and not informing her before arriving here. She reminds Sundari that she gave her a phone for communication purposes, not for playing games. In response, Sundari explained that she came because Jeevika had sent a car for her. However, Rajnandini argues that she should have found a way to escape or jump out of the car instead. Sundari defends herself by saying that doing so would have resulted in broken feet. She then brings up the plan they had discussed and reminds Rajnandini of their agreement for compensation. She insists on being paid more than a salary of 7000 rupees as the situation has now escalated to involving lakhs of rupees. Lastly, she expresses her desire for a job in this household.

Aadhya comes and brings the rakhis. Lata says Raksha Bandhan has come, and it is time to celebrate. Jeevika says it is a happy moment. Aadhya recalls past Raksha Bandhan. Jeevika says dada will remember soon. Shlok says Dada will identify Aadhya soon. Juhi says she cannot bear to see them happy. Rajnandini says her sister also does not like them to be satisfied. She says let’s go and make them cry.

Utkarsh asks Rajnandini how she is. Jeevika comes in front of her. Juhi says she has seen you preventing a wife from meeting her husband for a long time. Jeevika moves to the side. To make Utkarsh feel comfortable, Rajnandini tries to talk to him forcibly. Utkarsh gets up and grabs her neck with his hand. Everyone is shocked.


Satvik tells Jeevika that Mummy used to say to him a story about how when problems occur, an angel will appear and solve them for him. He says the angel is you. Jeevika says I love you.

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