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Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 28th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shiv and Shakti make plans to expose Ranjan tonight, then quickly leave. Mandira overhears and declares she will put an end to their love story. As Keertan arrives, she instructs him to guard the box while she looks for Nandu. He questions why Shiv and Shakti are together, to which Mandira responds that they will soon meet their downfall. Spotting Rimjhim in her room, Mandira asks Keertan to fetch her a water bottle.

After asking him for his phone, Mandira smirked and messaged Rimjhim from the phone. Rimjhim checks the message and sees it says that he wants to break all limits and rush to her but maybe it is too late, nothing can be done, but how can I control my heart? Rimjhim is sad as he reads that. Keertan enters her room, and she is shocked to see him. Mandira smirks as she sees him. Keertan leaves her room angrily without saying anything. Shakti sees him leave.

Rimjhim is distraught, questioning why the person keeps appearing in front of her and causing pain. Keertan approaches Mandira and inquires what she is up to. She mentions looking for Nandu, as he is significant to their plans. With Nandu’s phone in hand, she leaves the room. Shakti arrives and questions Keertan’s presence in Rimjhim’s room, to which he explains that his mother brought him here against his will. Shakti probes further, confused by Keertan’s response. He states that he is unaware of Mandira’s intentions and abruptly departs.

Meanwhile, Shakti notices a gift box moving and investigates. However, Shiv interrupts and takes her away before she can open it. Relieved that she didn’t see it, Keertan notices movement from within the box and prepares to open it when Mandira intervenes and warns him not to do so. When asked what is inside, she reveals it contains a deadly creature that, if released, will remind Shiv of his dark past, hindering his future potential.

Shiv suggests visiting Ranjan’s house to search for a clue. Shakti remarks that Ranjan doesn’t have any friends, which Shiv adds is not surprising considering his behavior. Shakti laughs, and Raghunath and Padma observe them, commenting on how well they complement each other. Mandira joins them and agrees, saying they should discuss the alliance with Shakti’s family after the mehndi ceremony. This suggestion takes advantage of Padma, but Raghunath supports it and hopes their uncle will agree.

Shiv is assisting Chacha, and Shakti beams with delight. She glances at Mandira and wonders what she’s planning now. Determined to find out, Mandira gives her a sly smile before exiting. Observing this, Shakti assumes that Mandira must hide her love for someone. Meanwhile, Chacha agrees that Shiv is a great guy, and Shakti inquires about Nandu’s whereabouts. Padma responds with curiosity, but Mandira interrupts and suggests Nandu would be the perfect person to look after Shiv. As she heads off to search for him, Padma expresses concern for Nandu’s safety and tries calling him, but he doesn’t pick up. Seeing this, Mandira declares she will care for all her enemies today.

We may find something from Ranjan’s family, Shiv tells Shakti. Shakti asks why they would expose him. Shiv asks where is he? Ranjan hides there. He has a medicine and says I will kill Shiv for beating me up. He’s told by his brother to behave today. He calls someone and says do what I said. His brother says I won’t be jailed, so he leaves. Ranjan calls someone and says do what I said.

Chacha welcomes Ranjan’s family. Ranjan brings his friends, too. Manorama asks them to sit. Ranjan smirks at Shakti, he is about to approach her, but Shiv stands with her. She leaves with him. Raghunath is there, and Ranjan says I need to hide. He is told to stay away from him and Raghunath today. She leaves. Shiv will not be spared. I will kill him, Ranjan thinks.

Shiv tries to remember where he saw Ranjan but can’t remember where. Mandira hides and says his past is locked in this box I will expose today.


Mandira says Shiv’s year-old secret will come to light. Shiv is about to consume a drink that Ranjan mixes with medicine. Mandira says it’s time to free Shiv.

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