Suhaagan 3rd November 2023 Written Episode: Krish’s Dilemma Unfolds


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The episode begins with Mr. Chopra reassuring everyone that the situation is not dire and he has no intention of taking legal action. He kindly reminds them of the complicated relationship between Krish and Payal. With genuine concern, he expresses his desire for Bindiya not to suffer any financial loss. This statement upsets Vikram and Sakshi. Bindiya responds by questioning whether she will be compensated for all her losses. In response, Mr. Chopra reveals that he has heard about Bindiya’s small farm in Chirayya and promises her 10 acres of land there as compensation. Payal interjects, urging Bindiya not to overlook this generous offer and reminding her of the hard work she puts into her small farm. She encourages Bindiya by saying that if she were to receive 10 acres of land, it would drastically change her life for the better.

After Bindiya’s departure, Chopra tells Baldev that nothing in this world can replace her suhaag. Despite Payal’s defeat claims, Chopra believes Bindiya will never truly accept her loss. Confused by Bindiya’s determination to fight for a loveless marriage, Baldev questions why she trusts Krishna despite knowing the truth. Bindiya reveals that she overheard Payal and Krishna talking and accuses Payal of manipulating Krishna again. As Baldev receives a call and leaves, the tension between the characters remains unresolved.

Nidhi and Sakshi comment that Chopra will turn around the case in his favor at his counseling session tomorrow. He asks Krishna to tell the magistrate that he has made physical relations with Payal with mutual consent and wants to marry her. He asks Bindiya to hear him. Indu asks Bindiya to listen to them and write if you forget. Chopra laughs and says let her hear. Krish and I will meet tomorrow.

Bindiya expresses disbelief and surprise to Krish, as she cannot fathom his hesitation in stating such things in court, which brings shame upon people. Payal accuses him of trying to prolong the case with his words. Bindiya emphasizes her concern for the reputation of their household, while Krish asserts that he is also responsible for preserving his family’s honor. She warns him that if they take this matter to court, it will not only damage their image within the Shukla family but also cause scandal throughout the entire city. Baldev adds that this unfortunate situation would not have occurred if they had prioritized their dignity. He challenges Krish to go ahead and tarnish their hard-earned respect, both his own and his father’s.

Indu informs Krish that her father is correct and requests him to convey to Chopra not to discuss their private matters in court. Krish replies, “Okay.” Payal interjects, but Indu gives her a meaningful look. Pankaj arrives and wonders if he has come at an inconvenient time. Everyone welcomes Pankaj, with Bindiya touching his feet for blessings. Nidhi silently questions his unexpected visit, while Sakshi suggests he take her along now. Indu inquires if he came alone or with his parents, to which Pankaj responds that he arrived solo but will not leave alone. Baldev invites him inside while Indu instructs Sakshi to fetch breakfast for their guest. Sakshi promptly returns with the meal.

Indu requested Pankaj to accompany Nidhi and have a conversation with her. They headed to the room where Pankaj urged her to understand his perspective, pointing out that it didn’t look good for her to stay there. Nidhi defended herself by stating that she was in her own house, prompting Pankaj to bring up their parents’ wishes for her to return home. She agreed but questioned whether he had found a new place for them to live. Pankaj replied negatively, citing his inability to leave his parents’ side. Nidhi then offered to join him if he could find another home for them. However, Pankaj reminded her to think about how she would feel if their roles were reversed and advised her not to decide solely based on selfish motives. Nidhi’s thoughts drifted towards the possibility of Pankaj knowing about her pregnancy when Sakshi arrived. She swiftly asked Nidhi to leave the room, as Bindiya had already arranged breakfast and tea for everyone. With Sakshi’s entry, the topic of conversation changed, and she informed Pankaj that Nidhi had recently developed a liking for food, presenting him with a brownie as proof.

She tells her dadi not to worry and says tomorrow’s sun will bring me a new morning. Krish and Payal arrive in the car at the courthouse on her scooter. When Krish meets Chopra, he asks him to get rid of this marriage and says the truth about Payal and my relationship will never come out. Chopra thinks I’ll win. In her memory, Payal smirked and recalled how she had planned to make Krish confess to her to Chopra.


Payal smirks as Chopra tells Krish to carry out some blasts and prove that Bindiya lacks character.

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