Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Armaan Saves Abhira Amidst a Dramatic Turn of Events

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 2nd December 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Yuvraj calling Armaan and asking, “Are you surprised?” He informs Armaan that he is expected to attend Abhira and his wedding. However, Armaan reacts angrily. Yuvraj reminds him of his mistake by slapping him and threatens to make his teacher suffer. He hangs up the call and notices Abhira tied up to a chair. Dadi then invites Ruhi to the mehendi ceremony.

Meanwhile, Armaan takes the car keys and leaves. Vidya expresses her love for Ruhi, who sees her as a mother figure, by writing her soon-to-be husband’s name in henna as part of a shagun ritual. This makes Ruhi emotional, and she sheds tears. Vidya says you will get much love from Rohit, and we won’t let you miss your family. Yuvraj asks if you got shy or cute; until our marriage, you can be shy. Once you are my wife, I want aggressive Abhira, and you know what I’ll do to Sasuma. Armaan is on his way. Abhira shouts and kicks Yuvraj. She scolds him. He slaps his man in anger. They free Abhira.

Dadi confronts Armaan over the phone, insisting he cannot leave. Armaan, torn, explains the urgency of his case. Meanwhile, Rohit expresses frustration, feeling neglected amidst preparations for his wedding. Armaan assures he’ll make every effort to return before the ceremony but is compelled to leave. Elsewhere, Yuvraj holds Akshara at gunpoint, taunting her with Abhira’s words. Despite Akshara’s silent plea, Yuvraj threatens her, professing twisted affection and a willingness to harm her.

Abhira firmly refuses and advises not to proceed with the marriage, mentioning that she is willing to marry to save her mother’s life. He assures that she will perform the kanyadaan ritual and expresses his love for her. However, she interrupts him and clarifies that they will not engage in any activity before marriage. Emphasizing the importance of marriage, he informs that everything has been arranged for their wedding. Rohit is concerned about something more important than his marriage, and Vidya expresses her confusion. Madhav states that duty holds greater significance than family. At the same time, Dadi hopes there are no other obstacles. Distraught by the situation, Ruhi silently cries as Suwarna questions why she agrees to marry when it’s clear that Armaan left due to this issue, and they are both unhappy with the decision. She urges Ruhi to follow her heart and marry someone she truly loves instead of being bound by Armaan’s promise and his love for his family over her.

Suwarna and Ruhi discuss the future, knowing it’s not a situation that will resolve itself overnight. Suwarna asks where Ruhi plans to go when Armaan marries someone else. Ruhi confidently assures her that he promised she will always be irreplaceable in his life. However, Suwarna warns her about the power of traditional marriage rituals and how they can change a man’s heart. Undeterred, Ruhi declares that she will marry Rohit and live in the same house as Armaan, constantly reminding herself of their love. Suwarna is skeptical, but Ruhi insists she deserves to be near the one she loves, even if they cannot be together. Despite their emotional conversation, Suwarna embraces Ruhi, who knows she will shed tears but still find happiness whenever she sees Armaan again.

Yuvraj says I miss Mummy today, but she would have got Abhira and me married by now. Abhira asks how we will go out. Akshara sees a box and signs Abhira. Armaan talks to the inspector. He scolds him. The inspector says we will find Yuvraj. Akshara drops the mehendi bowl over the electric box. Abhira acts. Akshara says Abhira’s hand was burned with chemical mehendi. Yuvraj slaps the man and asks him to get organic mehendi. It’s okay, Abhira, they’ll get organic mehendi.

Armaan is contacted by an inspector who says Yuvraj has been discovered. The fire catches up. Yuvraj asks his men to check the connections and do their jobs. Akshara and Akshara try to run. Yuvraj shoots into the air and stops them. He scolds Akshara and asks her to marry him without drama. Akshara says no. Abhira thinks he’ll save my life, and I can’t live without you. Akshara says, don’t ruin your life. I’ve done everything for you.

Abhira says it’s my turn. Ruhi’s friend advises her not to get into a messy situation. Ruhi says that love is dirty, but she will at least be able to see Armaan and talk to him by marrying Rohit. Her friend asks what about Rohit, it’s unfair with him, forget Poddars, come with me. Ruhi says no, I cannot forget Armaan, please support me. Shivali says you are doing it wrong, and I’ll help you. She hugs Ruhi tightly. Suwarna and Surekha are watching. Manish says that Ruhi does not forget that date guy.

Suwarna declines, stating that she is getting married. The other person inquires why she is upset. She clarifies that it’s because she will leave her loved ones and fears forgetting them once she starts living with her in-laws. He expresses his hope that her new home will bring her no trouble. As Yuvraj and Abhira take their seats at the mandap, Akshara declares that she won’t let her daughter get married. With tears in her eyes, she prays for a different outcome. Just then, Armaan arrives and unties the sacred thread. He grabs Yuvraj and demands for Akshara to be released. Abhira pleads with him to let go as she cannot risk any harm to Yuvraj. Armaan directs his companions to put down their weapons and instructs Abhira to flee from the scene.


Ruhi and Rohit get married in the hospital ward. Akshara says marry my Abhira and save her life, Armaan, this is my last wish. Abhira and Armaan are married in the hospital ward.

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