Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th August 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 14th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode opens with Anand expressing his concern about the difficulty of obtaining bail. Abhimanyu then raises a valid question about the well-being of Akshara and Abhir, and mentions the responsibility of handling Junior. This leaves Manjiri in tears.

Manish also breaks down as he mourns the loss of his children, including Abhinav. Kairav steps in to console Dadi and Manish. Suwarna shares her wisdom by stating that while people may leave, family must remain strong in times of sorrow. Kairav, seeking answers, questions why good things don’t happen to Akshara. Everyone is crying at this point when the Pandit arrives and offers to take care of all preparations for the last rites.

Dadi then suggests that Abhir should perform the rites as it is a son’s duty to light his father’s pyre. However, Manish expresses concern about how Abhir will handle it. Surekha chimes in with the need to prepare Abhir mentally for this task, while Suwarna adds that they must also explain it to him carefully. Just then, Akshara enters and makes it clear that Abhir will not be able to perform these rites

Abhir inquires about their father’s arrival. Manish responds in the negative and praises Abhir’s efforts, asking him about the banner. Ruhi confirms that it is indeed a banner. Suwarna invites them to watch Abhir’s favorite cartoon together. Manish expresses his concern that Abhir won’t get another chance to see their father, and Suwarna agrees, saying that the sight will be unforgettable for him. They all leave the room, leaving behind Akshara and others who are crying while watching over Abhinav. Akshara questions why he decided to come home only to leave again and expresses her determination to shield Abhir from this sadness. She kisses his forehead and recalls how he helped her find a new path when they first met, but now she wonders why he chose to let go of her hand. She reminds him that they must raise Abhir together and help him become a doctor like his father once dreamed of.

Thank you for entering my life and becoming Abhir’s father. You have shown me how to love again and I am grateful for that. Being my husband, you have been nothing short of amazing. As we bid farewell now, know that you hold a special place in my heart and will always be the best part of my life. Please do not worry about me, I will take care of everything here. He offers a prayer while she places their family photo beside him. She tells him it is so he can feel our presence as we send you off. The priest asks them to join the last rites. Tears flow freely from everyone’s eyes as Abhir and Ruhi make their way downstairs, only to discover the door locked. Desperate to attend their father’s funeral, they try to open the window but it too seems shut tight. Manish, Kairav and other family members solemnly carry the funeral procession forward as “O saathi re” plays in the background. Akshara breaks down in tears while Ruhi informs Abhir that their father has not yet arrived.

Everyone cries. Dadi hears the sound. Surekha says kids… Abhimanyu talks to his lawyer. He says I need to go to my son, I will do whatever you want. He cries. Akshara performs the last rites. Everyone thinks of Abhinav’s moments, and they all cry. Akshara cries, saying goodbye Abhinav, don’t worry about us, we’ll get it done. She lights the pyre.

Birlas arrive and weep at the sight of the burning pyre. Akshara becomes enraged. Kairav intervenes, preventing Manjiri from approaching. Manjiri kindly pleads to be allowed to embrace her child just once. Kairav questions, “Your daughter?” He then adds that there is no daughter present, only a son who had destroyed his sister’s marriage and taken her husband away. She apologizes, begging to be given the chance to comfort her daughter in her grief. Kairav accuses her of not stopping Abhimanyu from committing such a heinous act. A heated argument ensues between them. Kairav declares Abhimanyu as a murderer, but Manjiri explains that both her children are suffering and she can do nothing for Abhimanyu except stay with Akshara in this difficult time. Manish suggests they leave, but Muskaan protests, blaming them for taking away her brother. However, Manish decides to let them stay as they had come for Abhinav’s final rites and it wouldn’t be right to stop them.


In the court, Abhimanyu asks how Abhir is. She says he doesn’t have his dad anymore. Abhir wonders why his dad’s picture has a garland. Ruhi worries about him.


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