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Barsatein 23rd August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with an argument between Komal and Kriti. The former expresses her belief that Aradhana could potentially be their sister, rather than Kiki. Viren and Malini remind Komal to be considerate, as this may be someone’s reality – after all, Aradhana is adopted. To this, Aradhana responds that it doesn’t bother her and she simply wants to know why a mother would abandon her daughter and never look back. She points out that Komal herself is a mother who came here to pray for her children, while her own mother didn’t even spare a second thought for her. In agreement, Viren states that such mothers are heartless and it’s unfair.

“Malini mentions feeling powerless to leave the child, pointing out that understanding a woman’s perspective would shed light on the situation. She emphasizes that societal norms tend to unfairly impact women and cause them pain, as they may be labeled as immoral. Aradhana raises concerns about the well-being of the child. Viren reminds Malini that her daughters are her world and she could never leave any of them behind. He adds that this applies to all mothers, including Yashoda who raised Krishna as her own. As Malini ties a thread around Aradhana’s wrist, she highlights how a mother’s love can come from anywhere. Kimaya jokingly comments on her mother getting emotional.”

Viren mentions Aradhana’s worry, while Kimaya urges her not to dwell on it as they are present for the puja. She invites her to join them, mentioning that Angad is waiting. Reyansh notices Aradhana and Viren inquires about Kriti’s ideas. Reyansh reassures them not to be concerned. The girls ask Komal for help with Kriti’s plans, and she suggests fixing Aradhana up with Rohan. However, Aradhana declines politely. She catches sight of Reyansh and Kriti together and assumes he is flirting with her. Aradhana hesitantly responds that she is unsure, but maybe they could make an app to erase an ex or their memories. Meanwhile, Reyansh proposes going for a drive. As they talk, Aradhana interrupts and speaks to Kriti about her idea for an app.

Komal says I like it. Reyansh says dying doesn’t end stories. Aradhana says some stores have storms and destruction, it’s my hate story. Malini calls them inside to pray. Aradhana and Reyansh pray. She asks the pandit to bless Kimaya and Angad. Komal tells them to relax. Kimaya says this is love. Kriti asks Aradhana if her love was cute. Aradhana says it was a big mistake. Malini asks if you think love is also a mistake, and Reyansh goes to the pandit.

He gazes at the idol, pondering its worth. Inquiring with the pandit, Viren asks if a story is being sought after. Reyansh comments on the pricey nature of the idol, only to be informed by the pandit that it is indeed a fake one, as the real one has been stolen. Considering the possibility of such idols being smuggled abroad, Viren encourages Reyansh to pursue the story. Kriti expresses interest in knowing more about him, comparing him to someone who steals hearts. Malini intervenes and stops her from continuing. As Angad and Kimaya discuss their upcoming marriage, Aradhana curiously asks about a picture of the real idol’s whereabouts. The pandit replies that it can be found in the state library, prompting Aradhana to decide to take on this story herself and uncover the truth.

Aradhana inspects the temple’s details while Malini drops by the bakery to meet her. “I’m here to see Beena and apologize,” says Malini. Graciously, Beena responds, “Pay the doctor’s bill, and rest assured, I’ll make a speedy recovery. Take a seat.” Malini gratefully adds, “Thank you for taking care of my eldest daughter, Kimaya. She may be the eldest, but she has low self-confidence.” Kindly, Beena replies, “As someone who couldn’t have children of my own, I understand the importance of emotional stability for kids. I remember how much you used to enjoy our fudge at our cafe; you were Rajan’s special friend.” Grateful for Beena’s words and gesture, Malini clarifies, “I just wanted to come and thank you.” To which Beena kindly insists, “Please sit; let me get you some sugar-free fudge.” Overhearing their conversation, Aradhana empathetically observes,”You seem really worried about Kimaya. You must love your daughters dearly.” Affirming this wholeheartedly Malini responds with conviction,”Of course I do!” Noticing Malini’s unwav

During their phone conversation, Aradhana tells Pooja that she doesn’t care for her. Pooja suggests that she speak with Bhakti instead. However, Aradhana explains that Harsh forbade her from talking to Bhakti and she feels alone since Pooja sent Vikram instead of coming herself. Pooja clarifies that Vikram was chosen by his friend and she is there to take care of their parents. Aradhana then asks Pooja to bring Chole bhature for them. Later, at the office, Aradhana seeks out Tripathi to discuss something. However, Reyansh interrupts with a new story idea about acid rain causing illness in children who drink the rainwater. He sends Tripathi away and proceeds to argue with Aradhana.

It’s okay if her hatred makes her pain less. She says you’re toxic. He asks her to go. Aradhana goes to the library and talks to Tripathi. She says it’s my story.


It is Aradhana who is shocked when Reyansh catches some goons and shoots them.

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