Barsatein 20th November 2023 Written Episode: Reyansh’s Threats Shake Aradhana, Jai’s Support Strengthens


Barsatein 20th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Aradhana questioning Reyansh’s actions. They engage in a heated argument, causing Aradhana to threaten to call the police. Reyansh, unfazed, reminds her that they are in Delhi and questions what she would tell their father. She retorts that she will inform him about their sister’s death being caused by him. Reyansh denies any involvement and pleads for her to stop blaming him. He then stops her, suggesting they put their differences aside and attend the card distribution together. He adds that she has no one else as long as he is alive. Aradhana firmly states that she will distance herself from him if he continues his erratic behavior and warns him against coming to her house. To this, he responds with, “Where there is anger, there is also love.”

As he spots Bhakti, he greets her before mentioning his plan to send his family with a shagun. As she walks away, he indulges in some laddoos while commenting on Aradhana’s attitude, which may have been inherited from her mother. He then breaks into a celebratory dance. Meanwhile, Aradhana declares that she will keep an eye on his actions. Bhakti advises her to act as if she didn’t see him and ignore his presence. Harsh agrees with this strategy, reminding Aradhana to focus on her work. She reaffirms her commitment to doing just that and makes a phone call. Informing the person on the line that she has returned to Delhi and is looking for work, she mentions having an interview lined up. Bhakti once again cautions her not to pay attention to the negative energy emanating from someone unworthy of her time and attention.

Aradhana patiently waits for her turn, silently hoping to be selected. The thought of securing a new job weighs heavily on her mind. As it is finally her turn, she confidently hands over her file. “Feel free to review my work,” she says with a smile. To her surprise, Jai appears before her. “I told you…” Before she can finish, Jai interrupts, expressing his concern for her well-being and how he couldn’t leave her alone as a friend. Aradhana hesitates, saying she cannot work in such a situation. Jai questions why not, assuring her that his feelings for her won’t hinder their professional relationship. He urges her to trust him and says he admires her dedication and passion for work. Aradhana insists on keeping things strictly professional but Jai persists, offering the position to her and sealing the deal with a handshake. Grateful, she thanks him for the opportunity.

Asked to talk to HR regarding salary, she goes. Harsh says everyone thinks Aradhana will marry, so how shall we save Aradhana? Reyansh comes to Aradhana. She ignores him and leaves. Jai tells Aradhana the story. She says it will affect elections as well. Jai says no, I won’t force you to focus on kitty party stories. She remembers Reyansh. She calls Reyansh, who asks if she wants to wear a red or light lehenga so we can match.

She adamantly declines. He inquires whether she prefers a saree or a gown. She retorts with annoyance. He reminds her that the auspicious date is in two weeks and that Jai is essential to his horoscope. He suggests she should not be present at the event when Jai’s exclusive report will become regular news on their channel. Jai becomes irate and demands to know who leaked the information to Reyansh. He wonders how Reyansh could have known about it. He confiscates the phones of all the employees and inspects them closely.

He says there is nothing in it. Reyansh sends him a message. He says Jai, I have all your passwords, you make it so easy, Aradhana is just mine, because I love Aradhana. Aradhana says Reyansh hacked your phone. Jai throws his phone and goes. Reyansh plays the song aloud in his car. Aradhana asks Jai whether you will stand by him now because he is ruining your career. I once got ill in college; he lifted me on my shoulders and took me for the exam, but he failed.

It can’t be lost if we get a better story. He says you’re in a toxic relationship. She says it won’t work; trust me, you’re in a toxic relationship. Jai says we’ll get one. They work together and find an investor. They prepare the story. Jai says come on, everyone, it’s news time. They play the news. In the sponsor ad, Reyansh and Aradhana are getting married. The girls congratulate Aradhana. Aradhana cries, asking, “How many cities will I leave?”.

Jai pleads for us to stay, as we have grown fond of him. However, his current state of mind is unstable, and I assure you this is not an act; I genuinely care for your well-being and that of my friends. Suddenly, she receives a call from Jagruti, asking her to rush home. Concerned, Aradhana inquires about the situation. Jai also asks what’s happened. She reveals that she needs to leave immediately. Without hesitation, Jai offers to accompany her.

Meanwhile, the neighbors admire the shagun jewelry and praise Reyansh and Aradhana’s relationship. Secretly, Aradhana worries that Reyansh will never let her or her family live peacefully. The children excitedly show off their mehendi designs spelling out “Aransh.” Sweetly, she urges them to go outside and play while trying to keep calm in front of Jai. Ultimately, he, too, has fallen prey to madness.

Bhakti notes that Reyansh is making progress. Harsh inquires about the current situation. Aradhana advises him to tell them to depart. He inquires how he should do so. The man queries about the festivities. Aradhana responds by saying that it hasn’t been decided yet. She receives a call from Reyansh, who informs her that he has arranged for Manish Malhotra to design his attire for the event. This infuriates her. He adds that he even informed her father, who didn’t comprehend his love for her. She angrily tells him to be quiet. Then, she asks Harsh if he has finalized a date yet, but he informs her that Reyansh claimed they had already done so themselves. Enraged, she threatens to file a police complaint and demands that Harsh call Reyansh’s father immediately. She storms off in frustration.

Aradhana expresses concern about the possibility of being threatened by Reyansh, but Jagruti reassures her that he will not resort to violence. She also acknowledges that involving the police may not be an effective solution in this situation. Jagruti suggests seeking help from a social worker, and Jai apologizes on behalf of Reyansh. Aradhana agrees to meet with them at the office, eventually reaching a boutique. Jagruti asks for forgiveness, and Reyansh pleads with Aradhana not to blame Jagruti for the situation.


Reyansh says there is no place for anyone else between us. Bhakti convinces Aradhana to marry Jai. Aradhana refuses. Jai leaves with Aradhana.

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