Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Written Episode 4th October 2023 Update: Savi Accused of Cheating


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th October 2023 Written Episode Update on

Yashwant asks why the board called an urgent meeting. Nishikant says he caught a student cheating in the exam and found a chit in her answer sheet. Ishan says it is Savi Chavan. It doesn’t matter if Savi leaves the college or not. Yashwant can’t rest in peace. Nishikant claims she cheats on exams and blames Durva instead. Sathe sir also saw chits falling from Savi’s answer sheet. Sathe says yes. Nishi demands strict action against her.

Durva’s clothes contain a chit. Savi’s studious behavior makes Ishan think she can’t cheat. Yashwant and Nishi sign Savi’s rustication letter and ask Ishan to sign it, but Ishan hesitates and thinks Shantanu should sign it first. Nishi says he’s busy with personal work, so Ishan should sign it. Ishan sings the letter. Yashwant then asks Shukla to call all the students in.

As Savi enters the room with her classmates, Yashwant immediately brings up the allegation of cheating against her. However, Savi confidently denies it and offers to prove her innocence by comparing her chits and answers. Ishan agrees to check on her behalf, but Nishi interjects that the board has already made the final decision. Despite this, Savi insists that Durva and Ayush were the ones who cheated. This causes Nishi to warn her against falsely accusing his daughter to save herself. Sathe also supports Durva’s integrity, mentioning that he saw chits falling from Savi’s answer sheet.

Her friends also saw Durva and Ayush cheating, so she says he’s lying. Ishan yells at her not to force her friends to lie to her. He thought she was innocent earlier, but now he believes she cheated. Yashwant says they just wrote that she’s an indisciplined and ill-mannered student and mentioned that she cheated on the exam. Savi pleads not to rusticate her as she won’t get admission elsewhere.

Despite Savi’s continued pleading, her classmates remained firm in their beliefs, and Ishan even accused her. Fed up, Savi declares that the college has been unjust to her from the start, and she will banish it from her heart and never return. As Ishan seethes with anger, she walks away while Nishi and Yashwant smirk. Outside, Durva and her friends taunt Savi and label her a cheater and loser. As Ishan drives home, he ponders whether Savi is genuinely innocent and if they mistreated her because of her dedicated studies.


She apologizes to her parents for disappointing them after looking at their photo. Ishan asks what she is doing here, he looked everywhere. She says she disappointed her parents and shouldn’t have to stay here. Ishan holds her hand and says he didn’t see a brilliant student like her; he was a roadblock to her success, but now he will help her succeed.

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