Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st July 2023 Written Update


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Ishan frantically attempts to reach Riva, while Nishikanth inquires about her response. Ishan shares that Riva has decided to go to London and he needs to speak with her immediately in order to stop her. He quickly exits the house, followed by Nishikanth. Surekha urges Nishikanth to accompany Ishan wherever he goes. They both get into a car and Ishan drives at high speed, determined not to let Riva leave. Meanwhile, Ashwini, Ninad, and Harini advise Savi to flee from her impending marriage with Samrudh – an alcoholic, drug addict, and womanizer – before Bhavani forces her into it.

Despite being Virat’s last evidence, Savi says she cannot risk family dignity and won’t elope. Ashwini says she won’t let her life be ruined. She convinces her to elope and asks Harini to pack her necessary items for her and bring them to her. Harini walks down nervously. Bhavani asks her where she is going instead of bringing Savi down. Harini says she’s getting Savi’s hair prop.

Ishan phones Riva, who is waiting for her flight at the airport. Swati notices Ishan’s call on Riva’s phone and ends the call. Just as Ishan is about to collide with a speeding truck, Nishikanth intervenes and questions if they both want to die. Undeterred, Ishan declares his willingness to sacrifice himself for his love and vows to bring Riva back to Mumbai. Despite this, Harini remains worried about her family’s reputation and refuses to elope. Ninad attempts to persuade her, citing his own experience as a retired colonel and his ability to handle situations like Samrudh. However, Harini enters the room and urges her not to let Bhavani ruin her life as he did hers. She reminds them of Savi’s advice to stand up for themselves. In a show of unity, all three of them chant words of encouragement. Eventually, Savi agrees to elope with them.

Vinu arrives at the door and notices his family acting suspiciously. He questions them about their activities, but Ashwini quickly explains that Savi is needed for an important ritual called antarpat. Vinu agrees to leave and take Harini downstairs. Meanwhile, Ninad suggests they deal with the guests while Ashwini helps Savi complete her pooja and bring her down later. He leads Vinu out of the room. Before leaving, Ashwini hastily locks the door and instructs Savi to escape through the window. Savi hands over her jewelry to Ashwini, explaining that their family needs it more than she does and she will find a way to manage without it.

Her god’s idol is given to her by Ashwini, who asks her to keep it with her forever. Savi wants to meet Ninad once before leaving. Ashwini says there isn’t time. Ninad approaches the window. Savi jumps out of the window and touches his feet emotionally. Ninad blesses him and asks her to fly so high that her azoba will always keep his head high to see her. He speaks to her in a soothing tone and sends her away.

As the bride starts the ritual, Bhavani asks Ashwini to call Savi. Ashwini says she is cleaning her sari because kumkum fell on it. Vinu is asked to bring Savi, and Harini is asked where Savi is. Harini says Savi is not home. In shock, Bhavani asks Harini to check everywhere. Harini says she did. Mandar says she’s calling the bride soon. Bhavani says she’ll bring her down. Savi walks out of the house hiding.


After Ishan tells Riva that he hates his mother, he asks her to leave. Isha asks Shantanu to help get Ishan and Savi married. Ishan hears their conversation.

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