Pandya Store 21st July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The show kicks off with Deven lavishing praise on the Pandya clan, proceeding to deliver a moving performance dedicated to them. The family is taken aback as they witness actors portraying their own roles. Memories come flooding back and emotions run high as they all gaze at each other. Shivank and Arushi observe the scene from afar. Confidently, he announces his plan to teach them how to hold onto grudges, which Arushi supports wholeheartedly. Just then, the members of the acting troupe make their entrance. Shivank welcomes them, complimenting their convincing appearances and revealing that they will be taking on the roles of fake Pandya brothers for the stage production. He mentions that he just needs to test out some arrows, before instructing them to head to the stage.

The Pandya siblings reminisce about their time watching the play, prompting applause from the audience. Shivank slyly adds poison to his arrows and boldly claims that no one can save the target now. The brothers spot a nearby stash of guns and quickly grab them. However, they soon realize that without darts, the guns are useless. Determined to have the upper hand, they spot Shivank with the darts and attempt to steal them. Realizing they have limited ammunition, Shivank orders his men to capture the kids while he instructs every arrow be used against them. One of the boys takes hold of the arrows as directed by Shivank, who in turn commands his men to catch the children. As all this unfolds, the Pandyas break into song and embrace each other in a heartfelt moment.

Suman gets happy when she sees the lady. The kids stop the boys. Natasha asks for the darts. She gets one and tells Mittu and Shesh to run. The men take the guns and ask them to run. They go on stage and say we are the Pandya family. They introduce themselves and point the guns at the actors, instead of the Pandya brothers. The arrows are pointing at the wrong place, Arushi says.

Shivank wears a mask and goes. She asks him to hurry. Dhara asks what’s this joke, how did the guns come to be. Deven says this wasn’t in the act, some blunder. Shivank comes on stage and laughs. He tells the men to shoot the Pandyas standing with the family. The man shoots at Shiva with sorrow. Dhara moves him away. There is a fight between the actors and men.

As Shivank takes off in a sprint, Dhara receives a call from Shweta. After hearing the news that they will be arriving late and staying at a hotel, Dhara advises them to stay put with Chiku due to the current circumstances. Concerned about Dhara’s tension, Shweta inquires further but is reassured that everything will be discussed tomorrow. Confirming their meet up tomorrow, Chiku overhears this conversation. While keeping an eye out for any potential danger, Dhara points out that something suspicious is going on as Arushi and Shivank are nowhere to be found. Upon closer inspection, Dhara notices an arrow embedded in a chair and realizes it is poisoned. Fearing the worst, she accuses them of malicious intent.


A grown-up Natasha manages the Pandya store. Suman watches her grandsons play a mobile game. She smiles to see Natasha.


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