Anupama 10th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 10th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

It’s all fine, Vanraj tells Leela, but he’s stressed about work. Leela asks Kavya why she’s so tensed. Kavya says she’s helping V with his work and she’s getting stressed too. Hasmukh asks if they’re sure. Vanraj says yes. Kinjal receives a message that her cab is canceled and needs to take an auto. Dimpy says they will drop her off in their new vehicle. Kinjal replies thanks, but not thanks since she is going in a different direction.

Leela asks Dimpy why she is going in an automobile; Samar says they also think good for the family, but they don’t notice. Dimpy says she was thinking good anyway. Because they have a business dinner with Malti Devi, Dimpy asks Leela not to prepare their dinner. Malti Devi is so impressed with them that she does not do anything without consulting them. Kinjal receives a message that Rakhi handled it.

Samar is given a document by Malti Devi’s employee. As she wants them to lead her new Mumbai branch, Dimpy claims Malti Devi must have sent them a new contract. Samar looks shocked to hear that Malti Devi has removed them from their jobs and wants her car back. Dimpy is shocked to hear that. Shahs say they warned them repeatedly about Malti Devi, but they didn’t listen. Malti Devi’s employee demands car keys. Dimpy refuses. Employee threatens to call police.

Vanraj asks Samar to explain his wife to give keys now and then go clear their issues with Malti Devi. Dimpy hands over the keys yelling. Leela giggles and says she just spun keys in her finger and now she has lost the car itself. Dimpy calls Anupama. Anupama informs Anuj that she needs to visit Hasmukh’s house. Anuj asks if there’s any problem. After dropping Choti Anu off at school, Anupama says she doesn’t know, and she reaches Shah house.

Leela taunts Dimpy and Shahs for being ungrateful towards her, and Dimpy starts yelling at them. Anupama then criticizes her. Leela warns her. When Dimpy has spilled out all the venom in her body, Anupama will listen to her and she will not allow Dimpy to speak when she starts. Dimpy makes weird faces. Anupama cautions her against making strange faces or else they will turn permanently.

Anupama says they were just pawns for Malti Devi to harm her, that her family warned them repeatedly against Malti Devi, but they did not listen to them. Dimpy says they lost their job because of Anupama, who screamed at Malti Devi.

As Akush notices Romil leaving the house, he asks where he’s going. Romil rudely asks whether he should keep a register and record everything he does. Anuj stops him and warns him that he cannot speak to his father in this tone and explains that elders worry for their children and question their whereabouts, Romil is new to this town and they just want to know where he is going and when he will return, he can use the family car or take the bus or train, but he should inform them beforehand.

Anuj says Romil’s friend is coming from Ahmedabad, so he plans to meet him at this house. He says it’s so simple, and he hopes Romil will never show attitude toward anyone in this house. He asks Romil how his studies are going. Romil says he hasn’t heard back from the college yet. As there is a huge competition ahead, Anuj says he will get his admission and asks him to study on his own then. Romil rudely tells him to take a chill pill and not bother with him.

Romil should be worried because Anuj already made his career, but Anuj laughs out loud. To divert the issue, Ankush offers Romil money and asks him to leave. Romil rudely asks Ankush for his card. Ankush provides his card and asks him to bring his car and driver along. Romil leaves. Anuj claims Ankush messed up.

Dimpy angrily informs Anupama that they lost their job, but she is busy lecturing them. Toshu questions Samar if he will also hold their parents responsible for his job loss. Samar explains that they were let go because Malti Devi was impressed with their work and listened to the warnings of their parents. Leela comments on how he is blindly following his wife’s instructions like an obedient puppy. Anupama points out how it is unfair to always blame the daughter-in-law for her son’s mistakes. Dimpy tries to speak up, but Anupama interrupts and continues her lecture. Dimpy, frustrated, accuses Anupama of constantly interfering in other people’s lives and advises her to focus on her own family instead. Kavya adds that Anupama never shows up on her own, but only when they call her to solve their problems.

As Kinjal says, Dimpy is so thankful and selfish. Her own family has disowned her and feels she is a disgrace to them, her mother attended her wedding hiding her face, and she criticizes Anupama, who supported her and married her son to him. Kinjal tells Leela that her BIL married a great woman and asks Dimpy whether she called Anupama here. Dimpy says to expose Anupama’s acts. Kinjal says mummy did right.

While Dimpy is obsessed with becoming an Anupama’s second, that does not mean she will blindly support Anupama. Dimpy needs to remember that her family is united because of Anupama, otherwise she will not let such a girl even enter her house. Toshu asks Dimpy where there is a family here. Kinjal asks why she doesn’t leave this house if she has so many problems. Dimpy asks where she will go after her own family kicked her out.

Toshu tells Dimpy to shut up. Kinjal tells her to behave with him. Samar warns him that Toshu will laugh on them for losing their job. Toshu says she will laugh as they don’t understand Anupama’s words, Samar’s new to the field and Dimpy’s fit for nothing, so why would Malti Devi hire them? Dimpy says he is speaking truthfully, Toshu was jealous of their new car and job. Samar claims he got jealous of them. Toshu says what rubbish. Dimpy’s saying he’s speaking truthfully.


Especially Hasmukh and Leela, Dimpy shouts that everyone in this house is hypocritical. Dimpy says that they will remain separate in this house. Anupama gives her a tight slap and warns her and Samar to leave. The kitchen will be divided between them and she will stay upstairs.


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