Anupama 4th April Written Episode Update

Anupama written update

Kanta tells Maaya that today is the second day of Navratri.  Today Goddess Brahmcharini is venerated.  She is the deity of perseverance and sacrifice.  Anupama’s love is based on this same perseverance and sacrifice.  Her love is not so weak that it will flow with the Mumbai rains. Kanta agrees that she is upset with Anuj.  She even questioned him about his love for Anupama. But she is sure of one thing.  Even if he does not love her daughter he will never ever love anyone else.  Kanta tells Maaya that she may be a very nice person but she cannot be Anupama so she should stop chasing Anuj.  A person who has loved the moon can never value glass.

She also tells Maaya that experience usually comes with foresight.  After talking to Anuj today she is convinced that Anuj and Anupama are made for each other. They are apart now but not forever. They will unite again.  She says whatever she has predicted Maaya will soon see all that happening. Kanta leaves Mumbai and goes back home.

Anuj comes looking for Kanta and upon being told that she has left he too gets ready to leave.  Maaya asks Anuj if he is sure he wants to stay in a separate flat and not with her. Anuj tells her that he will send her his friends’ address and asks her to send Little Anu there to meet him.  He adds that he does not want to meet Little Anu before going because she will cry.  Maaya thinks that Anuj is leaving now but very soon he will come back to her and will be with her forever. She is sure her love will bring him back to her.

Anupama is impatiently waiting for Kanta and rushes to the door when she hears her coming.  Anupama asks if she was able to talk to him and pacify him, She looks around to see if Anuj and Little Anu have come with her. She is disappointed when she does not see them.

Anupama tells Kanta she knew Anuj would not come with her.  She says that when Anuj is upset only she can pacify him. She enquires about Anuj and wants to know what he said and asked about her. Anupama also asks about Little Anu. She wants to know if Little Anu remembers her or has forgotten her.  Anupama is upset because Kanta is just standing silently in front of her and not saying anything. She wants to know what conversation the two had. She asks Kanta if Anuj still believes that Anupama is responsible for whatever happened. She wants to know if Anuj’s anger has cooled down at least a little bit.  She also asks if Anuj misses her. She wants to know if Anuj has enquired about her well-being.

Kanta remembers Anuj telling her to inform Anupama that his chapter in her life is closed forever. He also told Kanta to teach Anupama to live without him.

Anupama is happy when Kanta tells her that he spoke about her and has even sent her a message. Kanta tells Anupama that Anuj has said he will not be coming back so she should not wait for him. Anupama refuses to believe her. She is sure Anuj would not say anything like that. She thinks that Anuj and Kanta are pulling a prank on her.  Kanta again repeats that Anuj will never be coming back so she has to stop hoping and waiting for his return.  Anuj has told her that there are some cracks in their relationship that will never heal. Anuj is not the same anymore and so is their relationship. Anuj said he can live without Anupama but not without Little Anu hence he will never come back.

Anupama is in a state of shock.  Kanta and Bhavesh console Anupama. Anupama keeps repeating to herself that everything is over now. Kanta tells her that no one is so important in life that we cannot live without them.  We get hurt, and we feel pain but still, we have to live. She tells Anupama that she was living before Anuj came into her life and now that Anuj is gone from her life she will still live on.   Anupama goes into the house and locks herself inside.

Anupama keeps repeating to herself that everything is over and everything she had is ruined. Bhavesh and Kanta desperately knock on the door. Kanta tells Bhavesh that she told Anupama everything that Anuj told her but she did not say anything about what she saw in his eyes.  She says she saw his love for Anupama in his eyes. Bhavesh asks Kanta why did she choose to hide the things that she should have been telling her. Kanta says that a mother knows when to give their child some bitter medicine. She says Anuj loves Anupama but he does not want to leave Little Anu and return to Anupama so why should she give her false hopes that will never come true? Bhavesh says that if not today then a month or maybe a year later Anuj may come back to Anupama.  Kanta says what if he never returns.  Is Anupama supposed to spend her life waiting for him?  Bhavesh says that Anupama should decide if she wants to wait.  Her incomplete truth has left Anupama heartbroken.  Kanta says half-truth has broken her heart once but the whole truth would hurt her every single day.  The truth would give her hope every day and then shatter it. And this hope would turn Anupama’s life into a never-ending wait. Life goes on but waiting never ends.

Bhavesh and Kanta try to convince Anupama to open the door but she is crying inside and does not listen.  Finally, Kanta says to leave her alone and sometimes being alone is the best remedy for pain.  They leave her alone for some time but then when they cannot hear any sound from inside they get worried.

Hasmukh enquires about Anupama. When Kinjal tells him that she is not picking up the phone he asks her to keep trying.  The Shah family get worried when Kanta, Bhavesh and Anupama don’t pick up their phones.  Vanraj says that Anupama looked very distressed when he saw her during the day. Everyone is surprised that Vanraj had gone to meet Anupama. Baa asks him why did he go there after Kanta spoke so rudely to him. Vanraj says he did not want to go there but could not restrain himself because he was very worried for Anupama. And after seeing her emotional state he is even more worried. He is scared now that nobody is picking up their calls and hopes Anupama has not tried to harm herself. He says Anupama is shattered and dejected because Anuj has left her and he does not want to leave her alone in this condition.  But she is being stubborn and he is not able to do anything for her. He says he wants to be at her side during this time of crisis. He wants to assure her that she is not alone and he is with her.  He wants to help Anupama get over this shock and he will do anything in his capacity to help her.

Hasmukh tells Vanraj that Anupama does not need him or his help. He says the best way Vanraj can help her is by not doing anything for her. Hasmukh says that Anuj and Anupama are just far away from each other just now and not separated.  Sooner or later they will reconcile.

Bhavesh manages to forcibly open the door and go inside the house.  Anupama is tearing pages out of her diary.  She tells Kanta and Bhavesh that she does not want to live anymore.  And she has written that in her diary too when Kanta told her to write down her feelings in the book. She says she is tired of giving herself false assurances.  She is tired of fighting with life now. She says she has no reason to fight back now. She is convinced she is a bad person hence her marriage failed again.


Kanta takes Anupama to the hospital and shows her some terminally ill patients who want to live but they have no choice. She says Anupama has a life but she does not want to value it.

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