Teri Meri Doriyaan 2nd March 2023 Written Episode Update


In front of a priest, Angad and Sahiba celebrate their wedding. They watch the ritual with joy. Kiara and Ekam remove the sehra from Angad’s face. Sahiba feels tensed and wonders when Keerat will arrive with Seerat. Seerat’s black car is found by Keerat, who asks the auto driver to follow it.

She shouted at Seerat/Cindy to stop. Seerat gets tensed hearing her voice and asks Garry to speed up as her family has sent someone to catch her. He covers his face with a kerchief and tells her not to worry. When Seerat drives the auto, Garry stops the car, tricks her into stepping out, and then speeds away. Keerat falls on the road and thinks about what to tell her family.

Injured Keerat returns to the wedding venue and asks Santosh to come out. Santosh approaches thinking she brought Seerat. Keerat informs her that Seerat escaped and eloped with her boyfriend. Santosh returns to the wedding venue.

When the bride’s parents appear, the priest calls them forward. Santosh and Ajith perform gath bandhan on Angad and Sahiba. Sahiba lifts her veil, thinking she can’t do this. Brars are shocked to see her instead of Seerat. Darji asks why the girl is here. Sahiba leaves.

As Santosh and Ajith follow Sahiba, Sahiba says she should have done this long ago and shouldn’t have supported her in her sin. Brars walks to Seerat next. Angad shouts to see where Seerat is.

Jaspal asks Hansraj to send all the media people out. Guests discuss that they changed the bride itself. Angad questions where Seerat is.

Seerat is surprised that Garry brought her to a cheap guest house instead of a five-star hotel. Garry says that all five-star hotel managers know him well, so he brought her here helplessly. She agrees.

Seerat hugs him and asks if he adores her so much. He tells her to freshen up and order food. She goes to the washroom. He says let her enjoy whatever she wants, soon she’ll be forced to consume poison.

In response to Hansraj’s order, Garry’s puppet reporter Sona asks why and peeps inside silently. Garry calls her. Sona shows him a live video of Sahiba replacing Seerat. Garry is shocked and explains his further plan.

Angad keeps shouting at Seerat, accusing her of kidnapping Seerat and asking what she did with him. Santosh says Angad has some misunderstandings. Ajith asks Santosh to speak at least now. Sahiba releases her hand from Angad and says Seerat di eloped from here because she does not want to marry him.

Sahiba says Seerat is her older sister. Anangad tells her not to associate herself with Seerat. Keerat says even her sister and says that Seerat eloped with her consent because she doesn’t want to marry him, so she went in search of him, but.. Santosh warns her to stop, Angad says that she should speak. Ajith says he will explain everything to her.

Gurleen says Sahiba runs an art shop, why did they lie about their business? He informs that he has three daughters, first Seerat, second Sahiba in a bridal dress, and third Keerat in college. According to Sahiba, her mother lied to them, but she does run an art shop with her father and a catering shop with a middle-class family.

After Sahiba apologizes to Brars for her mother’s mistake, Angad says her family cheated on him, and he will call the police. Sahiba says she will call the police and explain the situation, then accept whatever punishment she is given.

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