Pandya Store 5th July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 5th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the episode begins, Rishita, Prerna, and Raavi remember their childhood in the house. The song Yaadon Ki Baraat plays… Prerna says that even though I spoke about breaking down the house, I did not intend to do so. Rishita says her mum is hurt, but her sons are her strength. Raavi says we have a responsibility to think about our children’s future. Suman and Dhara join us.

When the house is being divided, Dhara says you should also divide the work and make food for yourself. This will remain the same until this house is sold. A man taunts Gautam and says that you should stay apart. Gautam asks what he said. The man apologizes. Gautam says truth is bitter. His brothers follow him. A man taunts Gautam and says, “You should stay separated.”

Shweta says why don’t you understand that it’s our profit to sell the house, we’ll stay away and there’ll be love. Shweta comes with her bag. She says I m leaving, I got a job, I have no degree, so I can’t waste this opportunity. In her opinion, no one is interested in keeping you here or keeping you together, so stay happy and everyone will stay happy. Shweta meets everyone. Rishita says keep the change. Chiku comes downstairs.

Shweta apologizes to Dhara and receives a warm hug. Chiku announces that he will also be leaving with Shweta, leaving Dhara in shock. Shweta quickly reminds him that Dhara is his mother, to which Chiku responds by saying that she is not his real mother. Suman intervenes and explains that Dhara is indeed Chiku’s mother. However, Chiku disagrees and accuses Dhara of not protecting him and Malti like Shweta did. Dhara promises to always protect him, but Chiku doubts her as she has broken promises in the past. He declares that he will stay with Shweta, causing Gautam to become emotional as he gazes at the Pandya store. Dev, Shiva and Krish watch on, reminiscing about their childhood memories.

Dhara asks Chiku to stop. She opens arms. He hugs Suman. He meets everyone and hugs. He doesn’t hug Dhara. The kids come and hug Chiku. They ask him not to leave. Then Dhara stops Rishita and tells her there won’t be any talking today, Chiku wants to go, and I won’t stop him today, but don’t return ever.


Shiva meets Suman and asks her to stay with him. She refuses. Dhara says the house is going to be sold.


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