Kavya – Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 20th October 2023 Written Update

Kavya 20th October 2023 Written Episode Update on WorldofEntertainment.in

A call from Kavya to Anjali and Rajeev begins the episode. It is good to hear you have reached Lucknow. Anjali says yes, take an off and come home to attend Rama’s daughter’s wedding function. Kavya says I won’t marry an NRI. Anjali says fine, he will also settle here. Kavya says spare me.

They talk. Anjali ends the call. She says people will make news, and we have to do something. He says don’t bother Kavya, she’s in a tough phase of training right now. When Kavya and everyone reached Basant Khedi, they were scolded and threatened by the villagers. They asked the OTs to leave. The policemen came and asked the OTs to leave the village.

The manager shows them the place and says you all have to share the same room. Sanjeev worries. Adhiraj jokes and says your respect won’t get in trouble. Kavya asks how will we sleep in the same room. The manager jokes, saying you slept well in my room. Karan asks if there isn’t a circuit house. Jaideep responds that there is a five star hotel, which is why you all are here. Adhiraj agrees.

Jaideep briefs them on the new projects in the village and assigns them accordingly. The hospital project is given to Kavya, who then asks if I am also assigned a project. Jaideep affirms, acknowledging my struggles and stating that I deserve this project. A call interrupts their conversation as Kavya is informed that Adhiraj has arrived for the hospital project. Omi confirms his attendance and later informs Giriraj, who expresses his satisfaction with the progress. Omi is instructed to convince Adi to fulfill Giriraj’s dream, to which Omi assures that he will carry out his commands. Giriraj makes a sarcastic remark before Omi announces securing the hospital land.

He says the past cannot be changed, so Jaideep tells Kavya to stay within limits and do her work. You regard me Guru right, remember this project is just a hurdle, your journey is long, remember this project should not come in your way. He says your determination is your strength, it also becomes your weakness, the villagers shouldn’t know you are Navya’s sister, because Navya is their culprit. Kavya thanks him. She says you’ve always guided me.

As Omi makes his way, he contacts the manager, instructing him to keep a close watch on Adhiraj. Meanwhile, Kavya converses with Adhiraj who insists on using the bathroom and she questions him about who prevented him from doing so. He quickly dashes off while everyone gets ready for their next move. Payal inquires about Kavya’s whereabouts and Karan informs her that she is outside. Payal mentions the manager’s warning about potential danger from the villagers. Little does she know, Kavya is at the hospital thinking about Navya. Shortly after, Omi pays a surprise visit to Adhiraj who expresses his surprise at seeing him. Omi replies that he had been missing Adhiraj and despite his current position as a leader, he still sees him as Neta ji (leader).

Omi introduces himself as Papa, while Adhiraj asks for proof before giving any information. Omi chuckles, saying that their dad wants to regain control of the government hospital. Kavya, who is being questioned by the guard about her destination, clarifies that she is there for an inspection and her name is Kavya. The guard apologizes and allows her to enter. Adhiraj inquires why they are there, to which Omi explains that their father has important matters to attend to at the hospital. Adhiraj asks what’s in a file, to which Omi responds with “the details of the hospital project,” nothing noteworthy. Omi then requests tea and Adhiraj instructs the manager to prepare it. As he leaves, Omi takes pictures of the file and makes a call, ensuring that no development should take place in this village. He lets out a laugh and coincidentally locks eyes with Adhiraj, who had been observing him all along.


A hospital project is given to Kavya by Jaideep. Kavya speaks to the villagers. They become angry at her. Adhiraj saves Kavya and hugs her.

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